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Methotrexate & Cimzia

Hi folks.
My wife's GI wants to put her on Methotrexate. She's already on Cimzia. There's been a lot of studies now about the effectiveness of joining Methotrexate with a biologic.

The information online is a bit overwhelming on this one. Normally, I'm pretty good at deciphering it all, but this time I'm getting stumped.

So, I'm turning to you.
My wife was on Imuran and had a terrible reaction to it. I got pretty ticked at her doc, because all he was interested in was whether it was pancreatitis, but he kept ordering the wrong tests (twice!) but I digress.

So any of you on the Methotrexate & Cimzia combo? If so, did you have any bad reactions or side effects? I'm especially interested in anyone who was on one of the 6-MP's but maybe was taken off and put on Methotrexate, but, actually, i'm interested in anyone who has any experience with any of this

thanks for your thoughts.
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Hi Kevin, I am on methotrexate but not cimzia, not available here. There was a guy on methotrexate and Humira I believe and he was doing not too bad but took Pred when the pain got out of control.

I too had a reaction to 6mp. I also had Remicade and had a really bad reaction and Humira didnt work, even on weekly doses. I am just on Methotrexate and been on it 7 weeks and seems to be starting to kick in.

I just wonder when people are on two drugs, how do you know what is working and what is not? Just my take on it. Even if Cimzia gets here, doubt it would work on me. This could be the combo your wife needs to be healthy for her. All of us are different with the disease and meds, sorry I cant answer your question fully. Was she not doing well on methotrexate alone? Hope she gets relief soon!
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thanks for the reply. That's helpful.
I think mixing a biologic and methotrexate is a new fad in treatment.
She's not doing well on Cimzia, but she's not doing badly either. She's been "mostly" in remission, with only a little pain and enough symptoms to be irritating, but not completely overwhelming.

I'll find out tomorrow when we go to the doc's what all he has in mind .

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I am on a biologic and metho at the same time. Been doing that for a little over two months.

Also taking 10mg a day of Pred. Feeling great, but not really sure what drug is actually doing it.
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