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Heartburn & Pentassa

So, does anyone get heartburn from the Pentassa or is it the Crohns. I'm no longer on the Prednisone and haven't been for a couple of weeks. What do you guys think? Sue
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Heartburn from Crohn's is not uncommon, especially if you have narrowings/strictures in the upper part of your small bowel, especially your duodenum.
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I'm on Pentasa but don't have heartburn


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I only ever had heartburn when I was on Prednisone. I'm on Salofalk now and don't have any.

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I had heartburn bad whilst on Pred, but Pentasa never bothered me at all. Some people had stomach ulcers from long time usage. Everyone is different, could be just the disease itself. I had my gall bladder removed and have a Hiatus hernia, dont know what it is from for sure.

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