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Curious 6mp/ Humira reactions?

I've been on Humira for around 6 months now, taking one shot per week, and 6mp for around 3 months. I'm a pretty fair skinned person and have had to wear sunscreen on my face when outside for long periods of time, but it was never that serious. On Sunday I was outside for around 3 hours total without sunscreen, and I got insanely sunburned. Not just a little red, but almost purple, all over my face and arms (which never burn btw). I was outside again yesterday for 2 hours in totally overcast skies, AND sunscreen, and STILL got fried. As if I wasn't excited enough to look like a salmon at school, I got burned again today for being outside for less than 10 minutes total and look just as bad as I did yesterday.

Has anyone else had this bad of luck while being on either one of these drugs? I know this can be a side effect of Humira but I haven't read too many things about people experiencing it.
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I thought I read something before about people posting similar stories and they thought it was the 6MP. I am taking Humira and have not experienced anything like this yet, but do not spend a great deal of time outside. Perhaps it's the 6MP. Try looking up old threads on that. Have you mentioned it to your doc?
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Yeah I've been trying to look up as many things as possible, and from what I've gathered both medications can increase my sensitivity to sun. Yes I called him this morning, but haven't heard back yet unfortunately
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I had sun sensitivity when I was on Imuran, and Imuran is very closely related to 6mp. There is even a label right on the pharmacy bottle.
Wear sun screen for sure.
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Hey there! Boy, I'm sorry - sun issues are the pits. I'm on 6mp get a really bad rash from the sun, but it's not a burn. So far sunscreen is helping me out (like the SPF 70 stuff - coating every bit of exposed skin and reapplying every hour), but when I was younger (on 6mp then, too) almost nothing helped. I'd wear sunscreen and a protective long sleeved shirt and still get the rash all over my hands.

In my experience doctors haven't been very helpful with this issue - if your GI doesn't have any help for you maybe you could ask for a referral to a dermatologist or something. I remember my mom taking me to a derm - I think the only thing she could offer was a pamphlet about the sun-protective clothing but it might be worthwhile to talk to a skin specialist since your sort of sunburn sounds really severe. I'm sorry you're going through this - medicinally-induced "sun sensivity" really stinks.
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ask doctor about drug induced Lupus

also when I was on Azathioprine, I came out in urticaria (hives) then the doc mentioned sun sensitivity WTF?
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