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This is B.S.

I went to the dr. No new news just more pills. I'm on the prednisone. I feel so frustrated with what happening to me. Why do we deserve this lifestyle? I don't like losing my grip on being positive. I just feel so negative. I feel isolated and lonely.
I'm done venting
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Jeff D.
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Steve I hope you feel better. I have a feeling you are having some depression, I had some similar feelings. If you keep feeling bad then I would urge you to go to the doctor to get medication for it.

Best of luck
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Aloha Steve. I'm having one of those days, too. Several in a row, actually. We just have to hang on & see where the ride takes us.

Is it okay to give you a hug? Well, here it is, if you want it: {{{{{Steve}}}}}
Sometimes life is just too full of crap.

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Why do we deserve this lifestyle? We don't. That does not mean we still don't have to live with our condition or this disease though. The ups and downs can be long and severe, and they can definately take a toll on a person physically and emotionally. That does not mean we should give into the bad thoughts and feelings.

While you may be really frustrated now, you should know that things always change. Sometimes the medication seems to pile up, and sometimes things quiet down a lot. Things can change in a months time from one extreme to the opposite side. Stay positive and you will start to see the changes occur (slowly, but they likely will).

Do not put pressure on yourself though. Stress is bad, so let things occur as they will and do not force anything. Do not overexert yourself if you start feeling any better, as you it may cause a set back in recovery and make you feel worse (physically and mentally). Instead work towards small improvements and staying positive. Your mind is the one thing you can control, so ensure that it is always thinking positively. That is the best step you can take to control your condition. After that it is just making sure you take your meds regularly and eat the foods you need and can tolerate, and let the body and the meds do the work they are supposed to do. Things may not go exactly as planned, but you know you did all that you could.

No matter what happens, stay positive and don't let a bad day or two get you down. The future can hold relief, so work towards that.
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Hey Steve.. I think venting is a very positive thing... Sure beats being in denial or bottling it all up inside.. I sometimes look at my dark days as a symptom of my IBD. Have to stop and realize that others w/o IBD get them too.. No monopoly here. The big positive message? I don't have one.. I just try to find something, anything, that will take my mind off my troubles for a while... Book, DVD, music, tickling the dog, etc

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You have got to learn to love the Prednisone It just might be the most evil drug on the planet, but at least, since you are not going to sleep anytime soon, you can vacuum at 3am, and clean the house 500 times a day, and pay your bills (more than once) Pain killers + Prednisone = drug induced euphoria I feel like going and crashing my car into a tree just cause it sound like fun right now Plus I can't taper... went down to 40mgs last week wound up back in the hospital... back up at 100mgs per day, and I'm pumped You guys know I'm kidding right?

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