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Had Appt W/ U Of Ia Doc....

Well, I had an appt with the super specialist at the U of Iowa Hospitals on Thursday....was a little nervous, but all in all it went well. The main objective was as a confirming second opinion of what my regular GI has been doing so far with my meds. Both docs at U of I agreed that they think I still have some room to increase my Imuran dosage and still be at a somewhat safe level, despite my higher risk of having probs w/ the drug. They also all agreet that they would like to make sure they've maxed me out on the imuran before we have to try remicade or humira, due to the list of probs they can cause in and of themselves. It was good news to hear that Imuran could still do the trick if we can get dosage right, especially after they told me more of remicade in case I do end up having to go that route. Bad news was they also agreed I need to stay on pred for awhile longer til the new imuran dose has a chance to take full effect....ugh. But, I guess as long as it's making things manageable, i'm not going to argue. All in all it was a good visit....good to hear that all that right steps have been taken over the last 6 months, because as you all know it is frustrating to have it take so long to get to remission. Keep your fingers crossed that the higher imuran dose may do it!
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A confirming opinion is always good, especially with these diseases that are so tricky to diagnose. Good luck with the imuran!
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Glad to hear that the appointment went well.

I agree it is always best to try and stick on your current drug (if possible), as it is best to always keep options opened down the line.

Good luck with the increased dosage. Even though it can take a few weeks to take affect (4-8 weeks), hopefully you see improvement.
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Hey Andilynn09 Always GREAT to hear good news. Keep at it, and keep the faith..

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