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Hi Dan,

With summer vacation and other stuff going on I haven't had a real chance to be consistant with it. Things have finally settled down the last few days and I'm at 4 drops twice a day. Had some D today but only lasted the of the day I felt light with no gas at all. I've also noticed my stool is normal looking and consistant with no traces of mucus or blood.

I'll keep going up to 7 drops/twice per day and will post my experience.

4.5mg Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
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On Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) but have started to introduce new foods
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I saw a naturopath on July 30th. She made a few recommendations which seem to be helping me. She suggested the following:

1. take a multi-strain pro-biotic - 1 capsule/day
2. take 1 tbsp of omega 3 oil 2x/day - in liquid form
3. Drink 1-2 cups of green tea/day
4. not to eat an dairy whatsoever for awhile...

Once I started taking the omega 3 oil I noticed a really big different in my joints. I have drastically reduced the amount of Celebrex I am taking. I have now gone 6 days without taking it all!

If things continue on this positive note, I won't need to change medications.

Wish me luck.

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Thanks for the update Beans. I am thinking on asking my Gi for the LDN.... do you get yours in Ottawa? I may have to try Toronto. Only problem is I am in pain, and cant take pain killers with it. Also on a crap load of meds to get the flare down because my left side is almost worst than my right. I want so bad off these meds. Waiting for another referral because my current Gi is retiring. I hope I can start the LDN next week.

Glad you are doing so well!
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I spoke to my GI about LDN and she had not heard of it's use. She is kind of in training as a GI, so she was going to ask the head gut specialist in Alberta his thoughts on it's use. I'll be surprised if I hear anything back. I'd really like to give it a shot, I am managing with Pentasa, and strict diet, lots of suppliments, but......... My GI said Naltrexone needed a level three doctor to prescribe and she couldn't. Anyone have any ideas on where I can start looking for a doctor in Alberta, Canada?
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riversilt, I had to be persistant with my GI who also never really heard of it at the time.

I showed him copies of the Penn State Study and emphasized the fact that the drug was low dose with little side effects.

A really good website with lots of scientific basis is

Good luck,
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Thanks RobK,
Luck is what I may need the most, to have these people listen to me. The web site is excellent. Need to break through the comfort zone.
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It's always worth trying LDN. It could work for you.

I started taking Flagyl combined with the LDN and after a few bad days the two are starting to work together and I have been well for two weeks.

I am seeing a Naturopath too and am doing the following:
1. liquid omega 3 (Nutra Sea HP) - 1 tbsp 2x/day
2. probiotic 1x/day
3. liquid iron supplement 1x/day
4. glutamine powder mixed w/beverage 1-2x/day
5. no dairy (cow products - but I can have goat's cheese)

I think she said the glutamine restores the intestinal flora but takes a couple months to start making a difference.

It is also important to eat a sugar-free diet or as little of it as possible. Hard to do!
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RJ is going to start LDN tonight...3 mg...along with his laundry list of other meds. We also have Entocort but I am guessing it is wise to add one new thing at a time. He is giving me a hard time about swallowing one more pill. He has a nasty gag reflex. Hoping it doesn not cause any additional nausea and will show some signs of helping. Is there anyone else out there on as many meds as he is and on LDN too? If so, I would love to know your experience..

Stacy (RJ's Mom)

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