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Started Humira Need INFO

I started humira 3 weeks ago and was wondering what to expect from it? Does anyone know?
Some of you from here know me an some of you dont, its been a minute since i have been in the forums. Hello everyone and sorry for the lack of communication I have been naked without internet the last few months lol.

Here is some of what i have done in the last 9 years with crohns disease, I have done remicade and it didnt work, have had a bowel resection and have been on pentasa, asacol, 6mp, prednisone, prilosec otc, an now humira. As well as oxcycontin an oxcodone for pain. O yeah spent 17 days in ICU with pancreatitis from the remicade when I was first diagnosed so I refuse to have anything to do with remicade injections or IV.

No matter what meds i take unless its pain meds I am in constant abdominal pain (RUQ/RLQ) all the time and some days hurt way more then others and i was wondering why? All my blood work comes back good an shows nothing wrong an I dont understand why?
Even when I go to the ER at times they make you feel like ur making it up cause the labs say all is ok.

Here is my theory on why, please tell me if it makes sence to anyone, the body is capeable to adapt right? so i have had crohns disease 9 years now. when I first was diagnosed i was in an out of the hospital constantley and my labs were always elevated and showed signs of infection or inflmation.
Here it is 9 years later same symptoms same pains same disease, only difference, my labs come back normal no matter how distressed I am.


Does anyone have an answer or theory I can work with? It has gotten to the point that when I go to the doctors I am so confused on why my labs are normal but I am not feeling normal,and even at times takes a lot out of me just to speak.

My only theory is that my body has adapted itself to the pains so much that I will probly have to be very messed up for my labs to show signs, does this make sence at all to anyone?????

Thank you for reading my post and all replies are welcome and much appreciated, again thankyou all.\

Sincerely and Respectfully, Gary
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Gary, i am sorry to hear you are in so much pain and have been for so long! I had immense pain on my right side as well. I was given so many different meds that i am not sure now which one actually made the pain go away...besides the pain killers, that is.

As for the Humira, I have been on it now for 4 months. I was worried that I would not like giving myself injections, but it hasn't been bad. I did have a nurse show me how first. I use the syringes and not the pens. I have heard the pens are really easy to use. But the nurse that helped me, told me that there are other drawbacks to the pen such as mis-fires and you can't slow the burning sensation. It can sting a little when it goes in. With the syringe, I can stop when it burns and go again when I am ready. My biggest side effect so far has been hair loss.

Hope this helps a little.
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Check out the Humira Club thread for more specific experiences people have had
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New here, but jumping in with a little advice about Humira. I have been on it for a few years now and have had pretty good luck with it keeping my Crohn's under control. The biggest issues I have had are all the infections I have gotten since starting it. I work in a family practice clinic, so my exposure to germs and stuff is higher than most. But, I have had strep multiple times and had to have tonsils removed; a terrible rash on my face that only went away with an antibiotic ointment and turned out to be MRSA; multiple UTI's and had pneumonia twice this last winter. I get a flu shot every year, got the H1N1 also, and had a Pneumovax vaccine a few years ago(apparently wore off this year!) So, keep in mind your immune system may take a serious beating!
Purell is my best friend Also the Humira Club post has lots of good info about other's experiences with the drug. Worth the time it takes to look through it all.

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