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LDN in Atlanta


I am trying to locate a GI that will prescribe LDN in Atlanta. I have contacted several compounding pharmacies but the only Drs. prescribing LDN are Neurologists for MS.

If any of you know of one, or a different way to locate one, please let me know.

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If you ask someone on this site, they may be able to help you.


I had to drive 800 miles to get my initial prescription. Once I had the prescription, a local doctor was willing to renew it for me. They don't seem to mind so much as long as you have already been taking it.

Good Luck

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My Support Groups:
try the find a doctor section on www.ldnscience.org

they also have doctors that will consult via telephone
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I am also looking for a GI in the Atlanta area that's familiar and willing to prescribe LDN. I'm actually looking for a pediatric GI for my 8 year old son. If I find out any info for the Atlanta area dealing with adults I'll let you know. My other option is that I have the name of a physician that will do phone consultations and prescribe. I'm not sure of the rules on this forum about giving out his info but if you'd like it just email me at [email protected]

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If you find one, I'd also like to know. I've not been able to find on yet.
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