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hot food

I really love oatmeal! Its my favorit thing to eat in the winter time. But I'm scared to try it. Does anyone eat oatmeal or think I should try it?
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Hey there mntally blonde,

I eat porridge which is oatmeal and I have no probs with that however if my cd is playing up I leave it alone cause it does my the "mad dash" toilet run a bit madder! just initially start off with a small amount then work up!
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I have a stoma and eat porridge quite regularly too but I don't have probs with my stoma filling upi too quickly. If anything it slows it down a bit which to me is a good thing. Think everyones different, but I would have thought oats would be ok. You may have probs if you make it with milk though, maybe make it with half milk half water??

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Thanks guys!
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Cara Fusinato
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I have wondered about oatmeal myself. We have one packet floating around the pantry and I have really wanted it more than once. Maybe I will give it a try. Or maybe I will make cookies!
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We have boxes and boxes because I used to eat it all the time. Now every time I see I want it oh so bad. I haven’t been doing so good I'm going to be starting remicade on the 3rd of November and really scared.
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i struggle with oatmeal with my stoma
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I actually havent ate oatmeal that often or on a regular since having my ostomy, so I dont know about the stoma situation, but it makes me curious so I might just eat that tom morning.

BUT before my ostomy, I used to eat it and it would actually make my Diahrea less severe, and it would hurt less to have a bowel movement. I think Diet and Eating habits of Crohns patients is one of the most faccinating parts...we all tolerate different foods different ways.
11-03-2006, 04:26 AM   #9
I have not tried oatmeal yet either, but my theory is that if I'm going to try something new...I wait to do it on a day I'm off work in case it does cause me problems. Just a thought...good luck.

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