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I couldn't help myself

I was making a grilled cheese sandwich for my daughter and the swiss cheese was calling my name. I cut off a huge chunk and ate it REALLY slowly. Now I wait..............
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Hopefully you survive the after effects of the cheese.The local store with the ben and jerrys icecream is controlling my mind i may have to give in and buy some soon
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mmmmmmmmmm hope your ok i eat all cheeses my favourite is danish blue ((hugs))
10-20-2006, 06:06 PM   #4
looks like I am ok for now. I skipped any afternoon snack, drank tea and had a good dinner. Wow, that swiss was worth the worry though. MMMMMM!!!!!
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this was a good experiment (even if you did not view it as such). A lot of people can eat even their most forbidden foods, in very small quantities. Then again I know that eating one nut would have caused me problems when I had active disease (I know from experience ). However there were other foods that in small quantities were ok.

This means that if you are cravings something, it is often ok to have a small portion of it. When I say small portion though, I mean no more than a bite (a small bite ).

If you do this and are fine then you may get adventerous and try to eat a little more to see how that goes. Just remember that you decided not to eat that food for a reason, so be careful with how much you end up eating.

Good luck and glad things went well.

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