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What is Mesalamine? Pentasa etc...

It says it is some sort of aspirin. Is it an immunosuppressant or not? Has it caused my acne, joint pain, hair loss, itchy dry skin? Does it work for others? I am only on Pentasa nothing else.
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It's an anti-imflammitory. A mild one at that. It's for cases of mild to moderate Crohn's. I'm currently on it for maintenance after my surgery. It may have caused some of those side effects, but maybe not. I've had all of those things long before I was on any meds. It's probably best to discuss this with your doctor and make sure that the drugs are right for you

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I took Asacol. They are 5ASA drugs. It is basically a form of Aspirin that works WHERE it is absorbed rather then through your whole system (systemically) like regular aspirin. They have a coting that breaks down in your intestine and releases the drug to the lining of your gut that is inflamed rather than in your stomach.
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