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Remicade statistics

So I had my CT scan earlier this week and went to the doctor today to go over the results, let's just say he was less than thrilled about the results. He suggested I go on Remicade. I'm trying to do some research on it to educate myself about it before I make any decisions, and was wondering if anybody knew where I could find statistics about success rate, side effects (specifically cancer), etc?
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Well when my doc told me about remicade she told me there was a 99.9% success rate and that the only reason it wouldent work is if i was allergic. THANK GOD IM NOT! but it worked for me and i do recommend that you take the remicade. You also can go on and you can get a little packet on info for remicade. HOPES THIS HELPS!!!

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The Remicade works very different for everyone and hopefully works for you. Give it time before making and decisions sometimes they change the length of time in between or the amounts they give it to you at a time. could say a little bit of trial and error for awhile but hope it helps!!
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Amanda, there is a Remicade club thread on here. I think it's in treatment. If you're looking for positive reinforcement, it's there. It is almost all positive.

Our GI has mentioned that we may try Rem next.

Good luck!!
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Trevor, are you 12 now or 12 when dx 2 years ago? EJ is ten and has mentioned he'd like someone near his age to talk to.
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Amanda, I was diagnosed with Crohns 24 yrs ago @the age of 28. There wasn't a lot of "good" treatments back than. When I suffered a flare-up last year my new GI suggested Remicade after the Pentasa didn't help. I read all the side affects and honestly, it scared the living poop out of me. All I could think of was why would I want to take something that could cause more problems then I all ready have.
It took me quite a few months to decide what to do. That led me to this Forum back in October and because of the information and great raves of Remicade by members of this forum it made me understand that Remicade was the best treatment to try. I have not had any regrets since I started it in Febuary and I have been enjoying the best I have felt in many years. I know there are risks as with any treatment or meds, but the serious side effects are very rare and the good really does out wiegh the bad.
As Dexky suggested, read thru the Remicade club thread. Lots of information.

Good luck, Amanda. I hope you find the right treatment for you and that you can enjoy remission like I am.
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