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Early pregnancy and flare

Hey all, am 5 plus 6 days pregnant and have just started a flare up. I'm still waiting for official diagnosis of crohns or uc looks mostly like crohns thou. So am out of work sick a few days now and the doctor has just signed me off for a week cause my iron and blood pressure are slightly low as well. Work are going to go mad over being off again. She then said if things don't improve she will request an emmefgency apt at the ibd clinic to maybe go on a course of steroids. My last pregnancy I had v bad runs for 14 weeks and my lo was 6lb12 when born, she was asking me all this inside. Any advice for me n are the steroids ok?
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I had to take steroids for a very brief period during my pregnancy and my doc said it was okay. My daughter was on the small side.. 6 and a half pounds.. but healthy and now thriving. Best of luck to you. What a miserable thing to go through while you're pregnant!

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