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Colonoscopy for Crohn's


I'm not sure how to ask this question so it makes sense, but here it goes. On June 28, I'm having a colonoscopy to see if I have Crohn's. When I have a "flare up" it really feels like my whole digestive track is inflamed. If I have a colonoscopy on a day when I'm not "inflamed," can the doctor still tell if I have Crohn's? (The small-bowel follow through came back looking good.)

I already have a diagnosis of IBS, which I'm very suspicious of, due to 2 IBS diagnoses that ended up to be something else (gall bladder disease & an esophageal diverticulum). I can't decide if I want them to find "something" or that the test comes back with everything looking good. I guess either way I'll still be sick - just depends what label you put on it...
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Hello Meow
Endoscopes are amazing things and chances are that if you have crohn's it is likely to show up with one scope or another.
Even if one feels better it will show any pathology present
this happened to me and I was shocked to be told about several ulcers (duodenal)
and gastritis in addition to crohns in the colon
At the time I was feeling better
never can tell-----
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Chances are, if you weren't in a flare, you will be after the prep!

Also if you have had inflammation, it could leave scar tissue they will be able to see.
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Good point about the prep - I'm scared to death about what its going to do to me. After drinking the barium for the small-bowel follow-through I couldn't eat anything but smoothies for a week. Good thing I like smoothies - they've saved my life in the past 6 months.
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The prep isn't the most fun thing to drink, but you will be able to eat again after the colonoscopy. The first few glasses of of the prep are the hardest for me to get down. Once I have passed those, it becomes easier to drink.
I am not in a flare right now and I have a colonoscopy next week. Been getting them every three months since Dec.
Good luck on yours!
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Hi! I'm going too on the 21st of june, you'll be in my thoughts all the way. Good luck honey!
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In my experience, no, the Crohn's won't show if I'm not flaring. The damage it leaves behind, ie. scar tissue, will be present. I, too, got the IBS diagnosis for about 10 years prior to the Crohn's diagnosis.

Every two years I have a pathological study to see the Crohn's, where they biopsy 50+ places in the small and large intestine. They always admit me to the hospital for this, and for a few days after, since they give me heavier sedation.

The only absolute definitive proof they found in the bowel was when I had an abdominal hysterectomy and the surgeon saw Crohn's on the outer wall of my bowel. It makes diagnosis difficult; they diagnosed me after I had a lot of blood loss and extraintestinal symptoms like joint inflammation, iritis, and a fistula.

Do you have joint pain/swelling? Iritis? Low back pain? Dry mouth/eyes? Weird/rare infections? Extreme fatigue? What you think might be the worst case of hemorrhoids ever? Be sure to keep a detailed journal of your symptoms (even symptoms that don't seem related to the colon) and of what you eat.

Best wishes for an accurate diagnosis and better health!


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The prep was easy for me to take, nice lemon drink. The effect of the prep, not so much.
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Ooh what prep did you have, because mine was disgusting!
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The prep wasnt a huge issue for me, Infact I found drinking it not too bad.

I also felt that the point of it was to flush my system throughout- I could actually control my bowel movements and had no stomach pains.

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