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hello, new here


I'm new here and I was wondering if other people are like me as well. I was diagnosis in 2007 but it took them a year to find out what I had. I lost a lot of weight and I got sick soon right a meal other then that I had no symptoms. Now I am Imuran and just started Remicade. My question is why I don't have really no symptoms I eat what ever I want and I go to the washroom normal. The doctor said I have a thickening of the wall of the intestine from the test. I really don't feel any different on the remicade then I did before. I don't have problems now I feel fine tired all the time but other then that I fine nothing like what other people are dealing with.
My weight has returned and generally healthy. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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If you are not having symptoms you are probably in remission. Don't question it, just keep doing what you are doing as it's obviously working! The thickening might be scar tissue from before.

Oh, and welcome!
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Hi Stormy
and welcome

happy remission, enjoy it!
hope it lasts a long time


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Welcome Stormy! I agree with Astra. Enjoy your remission! It is a great place to be. I hope mine lasts a loooooonnnnngggg time.
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Welcome Stormy! As others have said, enjoy where you are at right now. I hope you feel that way for a long time.
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Glad to hear you're doing well stormy.

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