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Hi everyone! I had the same problem for about 10 years (I am a 33 years old male). It started during my BA, with a half an hour moderate headache, which became longer with time and increasingly painful.
I have been diagnosed by a number of doctors with Arnold neuralgia (the pain was somehow in a region of the head at back of eye and ear towards the neck, always on the right side of the head). An unbelievable awful pain, I was frequently vomiting, it completely incapacitated me for 1-2 days almost every week. I had to take a lot of drugs, stronger and stronger, from Antinevrangic (a Romanian pill) to Ketonal and Aulin.

I have made the pain disappear almost complete a year ago by gradually changing my diet and physical habits: food without fried stuff and chemical added substances (E’s category) and not too fat, with less salt up to no salt at all, no alcohol and coffee, no fermented stuff like cheese, only powder milk, no push-ups to the floor, only small physical exercise to maintain the muscles, no smocking. And… as I had some hard exams, I took for more than a year on a daily basis a huge pill of soia Lecytin (made in the USA). And...a miracle happen…no headaches. I hope it helps sharing with you this information…Greetings from Romania! [email protected]

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