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donna martinez
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Just diagnosed with crohns and terrified

Hello, my name is donna. I was just diagnosed with crohns last week and i've been depressed ever since. I don't know I just feel terrible. Will I always feel this way? will i be able to live a relatively normal life, can i ever eat anything again besides water, jello and broths. I don't even know were to start with my frustration, can somebody please give me some insight?
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One Badass Dude
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Hello Donna,

Being terrified and depressed upon initial diagnosis is a perfectly normal reaction. Sorry you have Crohn's Disease.

The best thing you can do is to arm yourself with knowledge and build a support network. Crohnsforum is a wonderful place to start.

Please take care.
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I think the 1st thing to say is, you are not alone in this, although it may feel that way at times, there are always people who will understand what you are going through.

I'm sure a lot of people on here will agree that it takes a while to adjust to idea of Crohn's and the impact it may have on your life, and everyone has a different experience of it. However by no means does it mean you can't have a 'normal life'. It may take time to come to terms with it and do some serious research and talk to others about their experiences with the disease.

As GoJohnnyGO said, you have come to the best place to start, I can't emphasise how much it has helped me...

Stay strong x
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hi Donna, welcome to the forum.

i'm really sorry to hear how the diagnosis has got you so down, but it's understandable. i agree that reading up on Crohn's is the best thing you can do for yourself right now, and also maybe ask your closest family members and friends to do the same. it's important that you don't feel alone with this.

a diagnosis of Crohn's Disease does not mean a life sentence of pain and restriction - the severity of symptoms differs greatly from one person to the next, and can differ at times for each sufferer... there are loads of meds now which can calm things down, appropriate dietary care is important, as is rest and keeping as stress-free as possible.

this forum has a wealth of invaluable information, members' experiences, tips, and support - i'm really pleased you found us, and i hope we can help you with any particular issues or worries you may have.
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Welcome!! You will eat again, maybe not exactly like you used to, but definitely more than jello and broth! There are some amazing stories on here and lots and lots of support.

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crohnicaly stinky
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Welcome Donna! It's OK to feel depressed, this disease can be the pits. But many people adjust to it and live happy lives. There are a lot of medications that work well for people. You will start feeling better, you will eat regular food and you will get to a better place eventually. Hang in there!
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Regular Joe
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Hi Donna,

I'm sorry you got hit with a diagnosis so fast and hard. I understand how that can be terrifying. But a diagnosis is a better place to start than not having a diagnosis and having the same symptoms you have.

All of us get plowed under at one time or another by this disease. Each one of us get's caught off guard, and the next thing we know we're in the hospital with some god-awful pain that we've never felt before. Crohn's disease is not a very nice companion, and it will require that you make drastic changes to your lifestyle.

Each one of us faces changes many times in our lives with this disease, and often those changes are difficult and unpleasant. And everyone with a Crohn's diagnosis, and many more without a diagnosis but with symptoms, can totally identify with you about feeling depressed. That is also a symptom of the disease.

The best way we've found to make it better is to pick up our broken arses and follow the simple advice GoJohnnyGo said above. But the first step is you picking up your broken butt, because none of us can do it for you. Each one of is can support each other, but ultimately each one of us will have to pick up "our weight" (some might say "our crosses") and carry it along this path on our own varied journeys through life.

We are here for you. Hang in there and hold out your hand so that the people you need can find you and help you back to your feet. So don't be shy, and learn how to ask and for, and graciously receive help from others. Then when it's your turn, you'll be able to join us and do the same for the next frightened "Donna" (or "Donald") that comes your way.
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Welcome, Donna! I think most, if not all, of us have been in your same train of thought at some time or another. I know, I have. But this forum is a great place to come for support, advice, and learning a little more about this disease.
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Hi Donna - Welcome!

Ditto all of the sentiments above. I've been diagnosed for a year and still get depressed about it. It does get easier, and learning all you can about the disease and how to deal with it helps.

Lots of information here, and support. Hang in there! - Amy
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Donna, the initial shock will pass then the determination sets in. The sense of caring and the sense of humor you will find on this forum will do wonders for you.

I don't have crohn's but my 10 yr old boy does. At first we only asked why? Then we started to ask what can we do? If I've learned anything about crohn's it's that it's a moving target. You relish the good and deal with the bad. Some of the people on here have been put through the ringer and never lost their sense of humor. Their bravery and determination never cease to amaze me. I hope you find strength here. Good luck.
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Hi Donna, I'm sorry you have Crohn's, but since you do I'm glad you are here. I'm new to the site, but was diagnosed 5 years ago and had symptoms for years before that. I wish I had found this site back when I was first diagnosed. There is a lot of good support here. Just remember that life is a bed of roses and to get to the petals you have to climb over the thorns. So keep climbing. You'll make it.

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donna martinez
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I would like to intially thank everyone that has replied it has made me feel alot better knowing there are other people dealing with the same disease. I guess the thing that gets me is the unknown. not knowing when you are going to be sick or if a remission if headed your way. I have four kids my youngest being 6 months old and this had been a great battle for me. Right now i just feel at a loss but i think i found a place that can help me. THANK YOU
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Donna I feel your pain and frustration!! I am newly diagnosed and I also have two being 8 months old. Hang in there...take your meds and follow your drs advice....even if you start feeling better. Things will get easier and you and your family will get back to a sense of "normalcy". Things will change, and everyone will have to adjust, but with knowledge, support and love, we will all get through this! Welcome~
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I Love Lamp
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Hi Donna, there are still times now when it really gets me down and i feel like just quitting everything that needs any effort at all. All i can say is that it passes.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of having crohns is your attitude towards it.

I know this doesn't work for everyone but the way i look at it is that its a challenge that is present everyday that you have (i know this sounds cheesy) to fight back. Get to know your body, the disease and do your best to take charge of the situation. Dont let it be in charge of you.

Good luck Donna.
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Hey Donna,
I was diagnosed yesterday with Crohn's but found this site before being diagnosed - through all the tests. I can guarantee that the reason why I feel okay about things is because I have read everyones posts and struggles and triumphs on here. A lot of courageous people with a lot of knowledge. Feeling alone in all of this would be devastating. Hope you stay and access the posts... join in on the word games, etc. There is a lot of laughter as well.

Hope you feel better soon
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Hi Donna
and welcome

yes I agree with everyone, it will become easier, it's all about attitude and self management, this disease needs it's arse kicking every once in a while, hope you find the strength and determination to do that! Don't let it get you down, each day will be different, so face it head on.
keep a food journal, this helps to eliminate what flares you up, it's all trial and error!
glad you found us for support
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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donna martinez
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I thank everyone for their support and kind words. I am starting to come to terms with my disease, well taking it day by day. But i'm sure you'll see me lingering around in here alot.
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Don't worry, Crohn's isn't all that bad once you get the treatment you need. I suggest Humira since I've been symptom free for years now.
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Hey Cronict, well to the forum. We have alot of poeple on here with Humira threads everywhere. Everyone is different towards meds helping them, I my self have been on Humira and wished it worked but it didnt, been on Remicade, and every drug known to Crohns and 2 re sections, I like to think of us as snowflakes no two are exactly alike.

Tell us your story on the Your story thread, let us know all about you and what country you are from. Welcome.

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