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donna martinez
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holistic doctor

I was just wondering how many people use holisitic doctors to deal with their crohns disease.
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I decided against all pharmaceuticals (except the pred which I was already on and tapering off of) and went with a Functonal Medicine doctor ("treat the patient, not the disease"). I spent 6 months and tons of $$ drastically changing my diet and doing supplements, vitamins, infusions, etc etc.

I felt GREAT but my last scope showed that my Crohn's was exactly where it was 6 months ago. I don't want to say it was a waste of time and money, because I did have 6 great months.

My body just didn't respond to the alternatives. I still am super careful about what I eat and take some of the supplements and probitotics, etc, but started the Humira I was so reluctant to use 6 months ago.
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"Holistic" is a pretty broad umbrella, running the gamut from complementary treatment to outright quackery.

Skepticism is your friend. Trust your judgement and don't be afraid to seek out second, third or even fourth opinions. Remember, you're the boss. They all work for you.
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I just started after 3 years of traditional med. I kept waiting for my naturopath to pull out a ouiji board and chanting, and while some of the stuff was a bit out there, most of what she prescribed was in line with my private research. It was expensive and only time will tell, but in my circumstances I needed to try something new or go crazy.
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Hey Eclektick, I'd like to hear some of those naturopathic suggestions. We went to a holistic nutritionist who essentially prescribed the SCD diet for EJ. We've worked some taboo foods back in his diet such as dairy as he has no sign of lactose intolerance but overall, I'd say we've had a positive experience with the "doctor's" recommendation.

I should clarify that we have not stopped EJ's pharms.
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I am still on Remicade myself - talking about uppingy dose to 10 vials every 8 weeks. I am taking high concentration probiotics (bifidofolus) to get my "good" biotics up, curcumin (a natural anti-inflamitory and cauturizer "sp?") and some mineral salts. I have been having a lot of trouble recouping and healing properly from many recent crohns related surgeries and have gotten sick of my doctors saying there was really nothing they could do to help. I just had another surgery on Tuesday so my NP wanted to wait before cutting things from my diet and shocking my system but I will be cutting sugar soon. I am a dairy-a-holic and have tried to cut it, did it for a bit and found biggest issue was too much milk intake caused issue as well as ice cream, I seem okay with most cheese. The best thing I can suggest is do a lot of research for yourself, find people that have this that you trust to ask questions, find refferals for the best doctors you can find, and be patient (I know this last one is hard, and it sucks, but this disease is different for everyone - what works for me and the things I need fixed are different than anyone elses). I hope this helps!! If you have any other questions -let me know. Best of luck.

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