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Alcohol and Aza and Infliximab.

Has anyone had experinece with alcohol and Aza or infliximab? I had a couple of drinks on Friday and got drunk very easily and was violently ill on Saturday. I felt like my stomach was trying to come through my mouth. This happened the last time i had a drink but i passed it off as just drinking too much.

Its made my mind up that i need some clean living but just wanted to see if anyone else had similar experience on these lovely drugs?
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No, I never did, but I do know that drugs put pressure on your kidneys and bladder, and liver. It makes alcohol work very quick because you already have a strain on it. I had one drink whilst on Humira and half a glass of wine with food went straight to my head. Since then I avoid alcohol, being on Methotrexate would be foolish to drink on my part. Just my 2 cents.
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I am on Aza and I find the same thing. I can have at most one drink and it goes straight to my head. I have been avoiding alcohol for the most part, but I have had the odd drink here and there. I asked my doctor about it and he said it was okay to drink but not very much. I am a really cheap drunk right now

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Same here. I'm on aza and I have noticed that I can only have one or two drinks MAX, because I get drunk fast and any more than two drinks and the next day I feel like absolute DEATH!! Puking and D all day long! It's just not worth it!
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I've not had a drink for nearly a year, it's just sooooo not worth it, knocks me sick as a dog, especially on meds. (and I was a beer monster!)
just a thought, try abstaining for a while, you wont half see a difference, Crohnie wise!


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I'm on aza and drink. I havn't noticed any difference off and on. I can actually drink quite alot now and not feel drunk. But yer maybe it is a good idea to be careful with the whole liver strain thing.
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Damn you Crohns disease! Its the world cup and i have to lay off alcohol!

you can take my dignity, make my joints ache, make one of my eyes swell up, make me pee like a racehorse, give me stomach aches and mess with my concentration. Not to mention the squatters rights i have on the toilet upstairs and making me tired during the day and give me insomnia at night.

But Mr Crohns this is a step too far.
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How about just Remicade and alcohol? Does it still strain the liver and kidneys?

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