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CCFA Recommendations


I dont necesarrily agree with all of this, but some of you might.
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Jeff D.
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I say eat what ever will not hurt your intestines.
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Apparently alot of people with Crohn's and IBS together, without discovering they have IBS. This is how alot of people get food intolerances etc.
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Eat what ever works for you. I've posted this many times. I think the diet you choose is personal. I know I've tried many different things, and can't really tell the difference one way or the other. Then again, I'm not lactose intolerant, nor do I have any specific food allergies, so I'm lucky in a way. Eating foods that you like is one of life's simple pleasures. I say enjoy!
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I agree with starbelly. I am allergic to nuts, but always have been way before crohns. I get sort of lactose intolerant when flaring but other then that i'm fine when not flaring.

I have ate organic a little bit and actually noticed a jump in energy and ostomy flow since. I cant imagine it to be good to eat vegatables and fruits with pesticides covering them, or Beef with hormones injected. Or what about lunch meat...like from deli's, injected with nitrites to make the shelf life longer, does anyone think this is good for our health?

In my eyes this hormone injected beef and pesticides we use are more dangerous then smog even.
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sweet. im supposed to have 9 glasses of water a day according to that

im screwed!
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Good link!
My Story
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Very interesting link. Thank you.

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