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So after reading so much about them on here I figured I would try them. Well, I'm two for two. Had two of them, and threw them both up, lol. Guess I'm one of the few who cannot handle them.
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did you try boost? I don't like Ensure either.
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Oh, no! Poor guy. Agreed re. trying Boost.
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What flavour did you try?? I think all the Ensure's are gross, except for Butter Pecan which is not easy to find here. Boost is better, like the others say.
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I will have to try Boost next time. Which is good because they are buy one pack get one free right now at the local CVS.
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I don't do well with certain flavors of Ensure. The vanilla flavor in particular just upsets my stomach and I get lots of d right after drinking it. But the chocolate flavor doesn't upset me at all. I'm not sure why.
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I love the strawberry ensure, only one I can get down and tastes good, you really have to shake the nutrition drinks very well, or they taste very chalky, especially at the bottom. Not sure if they have any in the US but here we have ISOpure which is a clear, protein drink with about 190 calories, and vitamins too. Havent tried it yet but I am getting tomorrow 40% off a six pack at Shoppers (for all you Canadians out there) hope you find something you like, let us know what you pick.
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I had trouble with Ensure when flaring really bad. My advice if you want to try it again is drink them ice cold and SLOWLY. I would drink it over 20 minutes. If I drank it too fast it would come up for sure. Boost might be a good alternative for you. They aren't as thick as Ensure.
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way too many calories to chug. Got to sip them. Even the protein powder drinks would make me yak if I drank them quickly.
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have you tried asking your gp for Modulen? its espicially designed for Crohns or resource range of drinks are the nicest!
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IN Canada there is a drink called ISOpure in shoppers drugmart, has basically the same vitamins and calories but is clear and not thick. Just a thought incase no one likes the Ensure or Boost.

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