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has anyone tried Modulen? its a product esp designed for crohns,
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I've used it on and off for the past 4 years its amazing!!! xx
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Im on it at the moment ask as many questions as you like! the hardest part is sticking to it but it is worth it and it has made a huge difference too me :0) xx
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Welcome to the forum catinthehat. Do you have IBD? There is a wealth of information here and people to help you out too. Please tell us your story on the YOUR STORY thread, and let us know your journey and we can help you cheer you on!
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I love modulen...they should sell it in restaurants and bars! Its worked miracles for me in the past. Just like barbie said its hard to stick to.
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I did a search on here for 'modulen', and 44 threads came up. These threads have the word 'modulen' somewhere in them.

Also - if you search for 'elemental', that is a product that is similar to modulen I believe. I'm not sure what country you're in or what is available there, but they differ.
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hi catinthehat.ive just started modulen and its been a long and sometimes hungry week but ive stuck to it(so far lol)it actually doesnt taste to bad with the flavourings you get plus my dietition told me i can use crusha milkshake mix,hopefully i'll start to feel the benefits soon and get myself into remition but if not at least i tried it and dont need to think what if!only 7weeks to go woohoo

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