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Paying for Cimzia

Hi, this is my first post, hope I'm doing it right. I saw a new GI yesterday as I had lost confidence in my previous one. He wants to put me on Cimzia. I have been on prednisone for about a year and I'm so SO sick of all the side effects and am pretty excited about trying something new. I am extremely concerned about the cost, however. I'm a stay-at-home mom and am probably going to go back to work part-time because the medical bills are piling up. I registered for the "cimpay" card online, but this won't come even close to covering the monthly cost. Does anyone have any other resources for receiving financial help? A long time ago when my GI at the time wanted me to start Remicade I was able to get it for free but my husband was also not making as much as he's making now, and even though we're able to get by every month we're struggling. So we're in that middle class scenario where we're probably over income for a lot of help, but cannot possibly afford the real cost of this drug every month. Thanks so much for reading/responding!
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Hi there Brigitta! Welcome. You could put your whole story on the Your Story thread, that way everyone can greet you and help you. I can't help you on the Cimzia, as us Canadians are not privy to it here. I don't envy the US for their insurances and copays. It is a struggle enough without having a serious illness. I am sure someone can come on here and help you, welcome aboard and glad you are here!
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you may want to contact the pharmaceutical company to see what they offer as help. I have found that several companies have programs to try and help however I have also found one that do not. Good luck to you

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