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I have a query. I have read in many posts that people are having surgery's. I don't know y. Fistulas closes with Remicade. Then y people have many surgery's with chron's. Please let me know. I didn't had any surgery till date. I had Fistulas, Abscess though.
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Some people develop so much scar tissue in their intestines that they have blockages and it can't heal so they have resections. I'm sure there are other reasons, but that is one of the main ones.
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I burst my sigmoid colon and distended my bowel.

Woke up in hospital with a bag.

They removed 1/3 of my colon.

No meds were helping my situation, and I wound up having a major blockage which resulted in the above. Fortunately for me, it turns out that it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

That's my surgery story Well, the short and sweet

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8 surgeries from colon removal, blockages, to J pouch, most recent was J pouch removal with a fistula going towards the spine. Originally thought I has colitis, but found out I had Crohn's. Hoping this is the last one, LOL. Talking about putting me on medication, but the 15 doctors all do not agree, so time tells all.
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Age 34 - Partial blockage and found to have Crohn's
Age 35 - J pouch has a fistula & both connected to spine
Age 36 - Ileostomy and rectum closed
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As said many times over on the site, everyone is

I was on Remicade for 5 years, and at first it helped with the fistulas and abcesses, but unfortunately it no longer works. So in my case, the doctor feels that doing a temporary colostomy to stop the stool from passing to the part of the colon were the fistulas are located will help to heal them.

And yes, I have had surgeries in the past where the bowel just gets so "rotten" that meds will not heal it. Surgery is usually a last-case senario for one of the symptoms, as the surgeries themselves come with many complications... scarring, strictures, etc.

There are many on here who haven't had surgery yet, so you are not alone!
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I could be wrong so someone please correct me if I am. It's my understanding there are several reasons for strictures. THe 2 that apply to Crohn's is inflammation and adhesions (even if you havent had past surgery). I think your intestines swell and then go normal over and over that it develop's adhesions which collapse or pull on the intestine causing stricture. Med's can help the swelling/inflammation but not adhesions. Adhesions need to be removed by surgical measures.

I also plan never to have surgery (cant make this smile big enough! haha)
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Thanks for the replies. Thanks a lot !!
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For me my ileum healed so small with scar tissue nothing could get through which made food back up as well as add fissures and fistulas they had to operate. Gas and liquid going into my abdominal cavity aswell I could not live like that.
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