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Question about colonoscopy prep

Hi everyone,

I'm doing my colonoscopy prep today with halflytley. I finished all the solution about an hour and a half ago. However, I have vomited some of the solution back up. Is that a big deal? When I go to the bathroom, everything is clear so I assume that my colon is already clean. Does it matter that I threw up some of the solution?

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Nope - especially if what is coming out the other end is clear, I'd say you are cleaned out!

I usually end up throwing up too - never had the Dr complain about me not being clean.....

Good luck tomorrow! (remember - the drugs are goooooooodddddddd................ :-)

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Depends on how much you throw up I guess. And they usually give you more of the stuff then you need so you could take more to make up for what you vomited up. But don't listen to me I'm not a doctor.
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Thanks! I figured it wasn't a big deal but I wanted to make sure. I certainly don't want to have to go through this again because I threw up this time.
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For my last colonoscopy, I drank the stuff without throwing up, and even up to minutes before my colonoscopy, I was going to the bathroom and things weren't all clear. I was scared that it would get cancelled, but they did it and were able to see what they needed to see. So, if you're clear, I would assume that you're doing just fine...but hey, I'm not a doctor either...
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AS long as your bm are clear with no solids and yellow you are fine! Good luck with the scope, let us know what the results are!
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I had a prep that was quite complicated. I had to drink Miralax mixed with Gatorade and some other liquid. It was a clear liquid (something Citrate) that tasted like a nasty Canada Dry Tonic water or something like that. I figured if I drank it quick I could get it over with but that was not a good thing. Within 5 minutes it was on the rise and I was running to the bathroom. This did not stop my GI from doing the scope. I even had a bowel movement just before the scope and my insides were as clean as could be. For my second scope I spread out the drinks and there was no vomiting that time.
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Good luck on your scope! I hope it goes well!
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Just finished mine. Yellow liquid in no time. I didn't realize that whatever was there is like gone in the first movement. I know it wasn't always that way for me. Is that a Crohn's thing? I mean I often have the urge to go when I start eating. Guess it just seems like there was more in there, and it took longer for things to "get processed".
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Ya know they say that by the time we are 45 we will have 5 lbs of undigested red meat in our stomachs. Well, after doing one prep that is not likely to be the case huh? I know for me when I looked at the pic's my GI took it looked pretty empty in there. Just trying to look at the bright!
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But, looking on the brightside, I actually do feel better (more energy/focus) and I'm probably about 5 lbs. lighter after the fact!
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