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GI doctors

just wondering how many have GI's that specialize in crohn's. i've been trying to look for one but i haven't been able to.
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When I looked up my GI on her clinic's website her specialty is listed as Gastroenterology and Hepatology with her "Area of Focus" on Gastroenterology. Does this mean she specializes in Crohn's? I would not even begin to know but maybe I should find out huh? I also know that she is the head of the Gastroenterology Department for Providence Hospitals.
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Easier way to do this is look at your closest bigger university. For example, when I lived in Indy I went to IU Med Center and had a Dr. Chiorean who, if you look up on their website has a Ph.D and a M.D. That's a good start.

You can also call the hospitals and as their staff which doctor specializes in Crohn's. If you're daring you can ask your current GI to recommend someone (you could lie and say you'll be relocating and need someone nearer to you).

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