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Too much water?

I drank a hell of a lot of water Friday, then Saturday I was feeling sick, having loose movements and high frequency. I'm still not feeling great today (Sunday). I think I am starting to turn the corner, but my frequency is still high, still feeling bloated, and although things have firmed up somewhat I don't think my food is being fully broken down. Probably only another day or two before I'm back to normal, but it sure sucks right now.

I haven't changed anything about my diet, just drank an unusually high amount of water Friday, so I was curious if anybody else has had a reaction like this before.
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Hi, no I drink alot of water, but maybe too much to fast? Dunno, but we all look for reasons as to why we feel horrible, but water is a first for me. NO rhyme or reasons, sometimes even when safe food is eaten, not so safe anymore.

Hope you get some answers!
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Yes, yesterday actually. It has been hot here and I had two Poland Spring bottles and a Vitamin Water during and after the gym in the course of about two hours. Needless to say I had the same symptoms you did the rest of the day and had to go much more than usual.
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Well I do know that drinking cold water is harder on the gut, I rarely drink cold water, sometimes it bloats, and worse if I eat with it too.
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Mike - Similarities are it is also very hot here right now, and I was at the gym Friday. I just moved as well. My old place had air conditioning, new place does not yet.

Jettalady - The water I've been drinking has been cold, and I've been drinking during meals as well. I should try to do something to change that.

Quite possible this little flare has nothing to do with Crohn's at all, but I'm sure it doesn't help things either.

Thanks for the replies guys.
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I wonder if I'm experiencing something similar? I've been feeling poorly yesterday & today and I had to go have IV fluids yesterday morning because I was dehydrated. So since then I've been drinking as much water as I can because I feel like I'm going to get dehydrated again if I don't. I wasn't having d yesterday but today I have been having some explosive watery d - I hope it's not from too much water!
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Yes too much water can aggravate things.

When I have had to have colonoscopy's/ capsule endoscopy's they always say drink plenty of water when doing the preparations to encourage the gut to clear out completely.

So it makes sense that lots of water would also do this...

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I use to run a lot and Jettalady reminded me that cold water makes you expel it quicker as it is harder for the body to absorb (good to know when running). Room temp water stays in your system a lot better and hydrates you quicker.
Hope you feel better soon Everlong, Mike and Catatonic
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