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I started Imuran last sunday so its been 10 days on it and I work at a grocery store for this summer break.
I'm obviously being exposed to a lot of germs so would it be a good idea to not work even if I feel a slight sickness coming onto me since my immune system is being suppressed?
I usually just work through my sicknesses but that was before I had Crohn's.
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I think each person is going to experience different things. I have been on many different immunosuppressants over my 12 year nursing career... and you wanna talk about coming into contact with germs!! lol

The public health nurse in me is going to state "Wash your hands; wash your hands; wash your hands!!" This is going to be your best defence against protecting yourself.

The cold and flu viruses only travel about 5 feet in the air before they fall down, so as long as no one is coughing in your face, you SHOULD be OK, but it might not hurt to stay home during flu season.

All that being said, YOU need to take care of YOU, so I would go with whatever you can afford to do, and whatever you feel comfortable doing!
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I was on 6-MP for a fwer years - and actually was a lot healthier than my family - even with a newborn in the house! .....I tried to stay away from anyone who was obviously sick, only got sick myself a couple times in the past few years (other than this spring - but I'm only on remicade).....

I would do what feels right for you......

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I have actually noticed I have been sick less on Imuran. Is it because I am being more careful or is it because my immune system isn't so overreative? Not sure. I wouldn't freak out about it too much. As Silver says wash your hands and be really conscious of not touching your face, nose, mouth, eyes. You should be okay, but everyone is different.

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Yep. I work in Horticulture and see a ton of people everyday as well as work outside or in green houses in production a lot of the year. I have to say that I feel better then I have in years since I started taking Imuran. My allergies are much less pronounced and I do not seem to react to colds at all. I wonder if I still catch them, but just don't react to them when I do. Maybe most of that stuff is not the cold that makes us feel sick but just the silly immune response to something that is otherwise harmless.
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Pasobuff - I bet it was the newborn in the house! I noticed when I had my son - 14 years ago - I got sick so rarely and realized - I was changing diapers and washing my hands a LOT more! So totally listen to Silvermoon I would watch the shopping cart handles too! Don't stop working though. I feel like that would be giving in to the disease...and you have to live your life too...as best you can.
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I have been sick less on Imuran as well...not sure if I had a lucky year or what. Now I have to prove that its okay to go to Afghanistan on the stuff :/
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I work at a dental practice so come in contact with lots of people and my GI said it was fine , just keep a distance from anyone who's ill and said to make sure i wash my hands oftern. I had a chest infection and UTI after my first week of being on Imuran so it was stopped and i was put on antibiotics , then i was started back on it after that, No problems with illness since then and im now back at work full time :-)
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