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ER Visit last night

So last night about 2am eastern time, I finally couldnt take it anymore, the rectal pain. So I got up and woke up my mother and got her to drive me, because if you've been to the ER then 90 percent of the time they wont even give you phenergan and let you drive home, more or less pain medication.

I had taken a couple perocecet 10/325's but there is sort of what I call a threshold where at that point, oral pain medication just doesnt work for me, and if it does, its not much and for a very short amount of time, at the same time as taking 45 minutes or so to start working.

So I went to the ER. They gave me fluids 12.5mg of phenergan which I try to say isnt enough but they insist is...I guess they havent looked at my file. Then they give me 1mg of dalaudid which I say isnt enough and they say it is...soo that 1mg of dalaudid lasted about 20 minutes whereafter I paged the nurse and told him that I told you so basically, he said I was going to have to wait to see the doctor, that was about 3am, and I didnt see anyone else, even a doctor until they changed shifts and then i saw one at almost 8am, got home around 10 am this morning.

The next shift doctor I had had before, and she always gives me problems about pain medication, and I just so happened to not bring my pain management dr's card. But she pretty much asked me, and told me she wasnt going to examine cuz she knows how progressed my disease is and how painful it is for me. She says I'll be right back comes back with the right amount of phenergan and 2 mg of dalaudid, and kept coming back with daluadid about every 30 minutes, eventually switching to zophran for nasuea because she didnt want me getting phenergan to close together, which was fine, but it was just money down the drain out of my insurance's pocket because it doesnt work.

Then I go to leave and the same doctor, this women, always, well I shoudl say never takes me serious or something, because she will NOT right for pain medication, not even like 10 to get me till the next day....but needless to say, she wrote me for 2mg dalaudids, 20 of them, I mean honestly pill form dalaudid doesnt work for me at all, but it was the principal that she believed me this time, and ironically this was probably the best she has seen me, i've gained about 40 pounds since having her last.

Dont really know what this post was about. sort of venting but dont want to hide it away in the 'vent away' subforum. Its really nice going into a ER that your used to, and they know you, they try to get you in faster, they seem to go out of their way to help you.

Well I guess I'm done. Hope all is well with everyone.
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Jeff D.
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Hey Chris, I hope you are feeling better now, at least a little bit. I am glad you gained 40 pounds since your last visit but it sucks you had to go again.

Best of luck man
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thanks. Actually I just weighed myself and I have gained 42 pounds since she saw me, not bad, I thought I was actually about 37 or so pounds heavier then previously but I was actually more then 40 pounds heavier.

I usually feel good for atleast a few days after I get fluids and IV meds. Wish me luck for Tuesday at 10am....have an interview with a REAL CAREER JOB!
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Jeff D.
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Hey man thats awesome
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wow 42 pounds. how old are you and whats ur weight? for me my weight is really strange... it shifts from 140 to 160 and then back every few days ........... (im 17)
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GNC Crohn's Man
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Ahhhh you should see me at work in the ER... By at work I mean being sick making the doctors and nurses snap to with my orders... I know how to work the system..

If I go to the ER now I say 10 pain give me morphine/phengran.... Morphin as 8 mg which is split as 4 mg's every 2 hours... The phengran is every 4 at 25mg... Then they will also right me and order for 2 others which help a little one they infuse over 20 or so min and the other I only get in the ER.... But yeah when they see I am cohernt and spouting out medical terminology even though I'm in severe pain/dry heaving they kinda trust that I know what I'm talking about... Very much so when I explain how much freakin pain I'm in and they can tell so they give me what I ask for...

Granted that is at the new hospital the old hospital was a fight because it was a college hospital so lots of students... I hate medical/nursing students..... They need to go find another patient to make their mistakes on and they did because I chewed there head off when they did something I didn't like that they thought was "nessecry for the treatment of my illness".... Yeah they can go shove an NG tub up their bum if they don't want to give me any pain meds for having a damned tube shoved down my throat for days...

But at the new hospital I don't have that problem.... Generally... I had one problem with a nurse so I fired her and told her that I hever wanted to see her face again.... And I didn't fire my GI docs partners I just didn't follow their orders because they didn't listen to a damned word I told them... I'm such a fun patient...
I'm very nice and agreeable... As long as I get what I want... I know what I want too and I know what helps and what doesn't help...

But yeah I fully understand your rant... I got to ride in an ambulence for 5 min (the hospital is right across the street from me but if your really sick/dry heaving/pain you can barely walk/crawl let alone drive)... Good thing about the ambluence is you go straight to a bed whither they have room or not so you don't have to play the "how sick are you game" with the triage nurse... Insurance co-pay was only 80 bucks which I don't have much money atm but 80 bucks was a more than equal trade for not having to wait in the ER lobby for 5 hours to be triaged back because there is an old person in "more critical condition than me" or "angery parents with hurt small child"....

You look at things differently when your in severe pain/dry heaving and the only thing in the world you want is for it to stop....

Rant done
Be advised that I am not an expert or a Doctor so legally you shouldn't listen to anything I have to say.
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haha. yah some nurses dont understand that they need to stop thinking so much and do the job their supposed to do and leave the rest to the people who actually know whats going on.
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lol. I think the nurses and Doctors appreciate me knowing about my illness. Most of them will actually ask them what they normally give me. Which is usually 25 of phenergan as much as possible, and 2 mg of dalaudid every 20 to 30 minutes. They always comment on my pain medication which is why I always keep a pain management card on hand.
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hey chris-just really glad to hear both about the weight gain and the interview with a .."real career job"--what is this job? good luck.
anyway-very good to hear
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Man you guys are the hospital I go to, they won't do anything for me without orders from my doctor. Nothing. I could tell them 100 pain on a 1 to 10 scale. Still nothing. But once my doc writes orders. They follow it to a t. Weird, but it takes more morphine and dilaudid for me now... enough to basically put a horse into a coma, before it does anything. I can't even feel 2 mgs
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Sorry to hear you went to the ER. I hope you are feeling better!

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