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Jeff D.
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So much excitement

So today I went to change my appliance and put on the convex one. As I was attempting to take the glue off I felt my stomach tense up and I went, "Uh oh". I went to stand over the toilet as best as I could and the stool just started flying into the toilet. I jumped into the shower and I was almost ready to put on the flange. Right as I went to put the glue on again I started going but this time the thing aimed to the left instead of straight and wow, it got all over my walls, the side of the toilet, and the floor. I went to shower again really fast so I could get the flange on. As soon as I dried myself off the flange went on, the bag went on, and I clamped the end. Moments later my bag filled up. It's crazy because all day I have only had a bit of liquid coming out and of course as soon as I took off the bag my stomach emptied itself. I don't know what happened but it was gross and it took so long to clean up.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys my ostomy story. haha

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two thoughts... maybe you had some backup behind your stoma, and the action of taking the old appliance off and the pressure of cleaning around your stoma released it, or maybe your old flange was a little too tight around the stoma, restricting it from emptying properly?
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Jeff D.
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I probably had a bit of back up as I wasn't feeling well earlier and was having some pain. I wasn't good this weekend and ate too many things I haven't tried yet and caused myself some problems.
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Jeff - that is gross, but these are the stories we love to share. Keep em coming!

Also, did you mean Excrement or Excitement? I suppose either would apply.
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Jeff D.
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I meant excitement but excrement would have worked just as well.haha

Oh, I forgot to say earlier that my second shoot out landed a mass of stool on and down my right
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lol...I feel like a whiner when I read the stoma stories I think all of you have a great attitude.
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