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Im 4 months without a drink now and it is killing me! i feel like a alcoholic who has just given it up!!!!All i want is a cold pint! I do feel so much better though and dont miss the 3 day hangovers. Ive had crohns since 2001 and was able to drink up to 2008 with no problem so i say enjoy it while you can!
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Do you mean all these in one night? If so, I think everyone else,crohns or no, gets that!! Hell, I'm a little queazy just reading it!!!
Ha, good thing you are past the stage of a purple Jesus party... went once, but I wasn't about drink that potion!
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i used to drink 2 beers a day, pabst blue ribbon, really good beer, but i stopped after being dianosed, now i live on gatoraid. its actually not bad and has some good stuff in it
emergency stricturplasty surgury april 1, 2010- april fools on me, lol, dianosed mid april chrones, although i had no symptoms- currently on pentassa 8 blue ones a day, vit d, liquid fish oil, and a bunch of other great drugs for my i various problems.
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Best of British
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I never used to drink excessively but my limit was 2 pints if I was at the pub or I could get through half a bottle of wine in a night.

I can't do that now because my medication means it hits me too hard.. plus red wine isn't great for the D.

I don't drink often, but if I'm down the pub I'll limit myself to 1 pint and that's fine.
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I haven't been able to drink for a few months now. But I found the past few years when I used to drink a lot I wouldn't be hungover, but I would be in and out of the bathroom all day.
Ashley <3

Diagnosed: Crohn's in 2010 (symptoms since 1998)

Current Medication: Humira (40mg/wk)
Past Meds: Pentasa, Dipentum, Budesonide, Imuran, Methotrexate, Prednisone, Remicade
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Nope i cant drink. One beer and within hours im sitting on the toliet. Cant do gatorade or any spirts drinks either

Diagnosed October 2007
Currently on Remicade 400mg (October 2010)

Tried Budesonide (april 2010-july 2010) & Asacol (october 2007- dec 2009) & Imuran (Dec 2009-Dec 2011)
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I just got diagnosed, and when I was all bloated and gassy and painful, but before I'd been diagnosed, hard liquor seemed to help. It certainly didn't make me feel any worse, and it meant that I ate less, which helped my system clear out a little bit. My main symptoms are constipation, so eating less feels better. Now that I know it wasn't just a phase, but actually a disease, I'm trying to treat it for the long-term. That's meant no alcohol, caffeine, or anything else that's taxed my body in the past. I don't plan on staying off the vodka forever, though. As soon as my pain is down to a one out of ten consistently, I am methodically figure out what I need to do to be able to get drunk once a week.
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Just wondering to all the people that have had drinks with Crohns, do you feel the negative effects right away or does it just hit you harder the next day?

For me, I have no negative effects at all the night that Im drinking. The next day I start to recover normally. Then mid/late afternoon, I get hit with a low fever, horrible nausea, fatigue, and bloating. No pain though.
Yes! I've wondered why I feel fine at breakfast but SICK by lunch & through dinner :-/
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Pug Gamer
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I have never been much of a drinker but itd be nice to have one or two on a special occassion but I do react from it. Ive noticed cocktails are worst but if I have neat vodka or gin I dont react as bad. But now I live on tramadol, I take it I can never have any drink?
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I rarely ever drink anymore but I don't miss it anyway
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Rich Pell
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After being a social drinker for 35 years (hmm, this doesn't sound right) I stopped drinking 4 months ago when I was diagnosed and I don't miss it, even when we go out or when my wife has a glass in the evening.

When I stopped, I was drinking about 3-4 bottles of Cabernet a week for the last 8 years.

Enjoyed my wine while it lasted, now adjusting to what life has assigned me, another challenge.
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I can't drink alcohol at all, too painful. My friends know of my disease, so it's not a problem at all and no friend would ever want you to feel awful for the next few days so no one has ever encouraged me to drink when he knows about my disease.
Crohn's Disease: diagnosed 2014 (at 24), symptoms for 10 years now
Enteropathic Arthritis, Sacroliitis, Osteopenia

Stelara; Uceris; Lansoprazole; Domperidone.

Previously: Remicade, Humira, Simponi, Azathioprine, Methotrexate, Sulfasalazine, Entocort, Uceris, Prednisolone, TPN, EEN, different alternative treatments.
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i have had to make two lists for life: Things That Make My Ass Hurt and Things That Don't Make My Ass Hurt. Booze is definitely on the first list. I can have one beer every once in a while, but i think my last flare was partially kicked off by Bacardi 151.
Booze is hard on the body and if you are on bunches of meds like me, who knows what the interactions are. So I guess my two cents is - be nice to your liver and also make two lists

ps it's my birthday this weekend so maybe i will sneak a shot....sssshhhh.....
Haha that is me...I totally have those two lists. I'm on weekly methotrexate and biweekly Humira so I was told not more than two drinks a month because of liver issues. I can't drink beer...hurts my guts immediately. I can handle a glass or two of wine. I have had a couple vodka drinks and didn't make my ass hurt. I had some Jamaican rum drinks back in January and it bothered me the next morning quite a bit but damn, did I feel good at the time. Such a light weight so I was feeling no pain at the time after those two drinks lol however I won't be doing that again. Not worth it. I feel that you just need to figure that stuff out for one's self, keeping in mind the risks regarding alcohol and medications. But yah, generally most chrohnies find alcohol is a trigger.

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