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A nice warm meal

This may sound weird but does anyone else start to feel really sick if they go the majority of a day without an actual warm meal?I can eat throuhout a day and have cereal for breakfast,a sandwhich for lunch,a snack and my dinner time I feel like I'm going to be sick if I don't have a warm meal.
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GNC Crohn's Man
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I know exactly what you mean... And yes I try to make sure every meal I have is warm... And then my drink is generally just at room temp or just cool and not cold...
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I feel less energized when not eating warm or hot meals. They also reccomend that you actually taket he time to sit in a quiet place and sit and eat and take your time, not eat fast food riding down the road, rushing, lol. Makes sense if you think about it.
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Jeff D.
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Yeah, its because your stomache digests warm foods better then cold foods. If your food is cold or frozen you slow down you digestion process because the cold makes molecules slow down where as the warm/hot foods make those molecules go faster.

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