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SD and medical Marijuana on the ballot

Wanted you all to see this, i believe 3 or 4 states voted yesterday about medical marijuana here is an article, and it even mentions crohns as one of the conditoions.

You cant grow more then 6 plants at a time, or possess more then one ounce.

A portion says this..."A person may not drive while impaired by marijuana and may not smoke marijuana in any place where tobacco smoking is
prohibited." Does this impy you'll be able to smoke in public? like bars and such?
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Jeff D.
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Seems like it. That would be pretty funny seeing people taking hits from a bong or something on their porch. But it would be cool if it got passed. I never smoked nor really want to but if it works then it would be nice.
11-09-2006, 10:22 AM   #3
Cara Fusinato
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Hey! My family's originally from SD! And Jeff, I live in a foothill region of California (let's read HILLBILLY) and it is normal to drive by and see (and smell) people sitting on their porches taking hits from a bong! You either smile, wave, and keep driving . . . or stop, say HOWDY, and join in! We have a high number of people around here in "The Club" and they have the medical grade in stock or growing (or both). Odd, odd world we moved into a year ago . . . Hey, it's time to go sit on the porch! (just kidding -- our neighbor hangs out by his pond -- just kidding -- well, not really). Hey! Can I get designation as Forum Jester II?
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LOL, I'm in Kentucky and yea! As far as medically, I think it would help a lot of the crohn's symptoms. Weight Loss and things like that. I'm not a "toker" but I do agree and see why it would help some people.
11-13-2006, 11:23 PM   #5
This isnt just helping you eat. There is a real Link in marijuana and IBD. There are cabinnoid recepters found in the colon, and people with IBD have a greater instance of these isolated in the colon.
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I know when I smoke once in a while and not too much all at once that I feel much better. My cramps are further apart and not as intence. But I wouldnt want to smoke pot all my life just to keep my stomach in check there has to be a better way!
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i'm all for this!! it would be great. unfortunately in our world the annoying problem is all the potential people who will take this for granted.

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