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Daytime Chat

I think I figured out how to get into chat! But I'm alone! Is anyone here during the day able to chat. Central Standard Time U.S.

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I'm in Chat right now! I'm available most days. Let me know if you are!
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I'd like to set up a daytime chat...I'm available most days also, I think I've posted about this but somehow its gotten lost.
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Well here I am in chat again, no one else here....hmmmmm
Someone else come is so I know I'm doing this right!!!

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I'm here too, although its 18.10 over here in the UK

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I still can't figure it out...HELP! lol I'm usually on about 4pm eastern time. I also have yahoo messenger is anyone from the forum wants to add me. Just send me a message for my ID.
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http://www.geocities.com/serenity_2_98/crohnschat.html is the link of the official working chat! Go to the chat subforum in the general discussion forum for more information

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