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Was on Prednisone as a child still have mood swings. Why?

Hi - This post is a question to folks who had Crohn's from a young age and were treated with high dosage Prednisone. I'm 46 now and have had Crohn's since age 8. Treated with lots of Prednisone from 8 to about 17. Then again in 20s and 30s. Now on other treatments.

I still have mood swings like when I was on Prednisone. Not as often, not as severe. Is this just from having been on it from so young and being trained? Or is there some lingering effect from Prednisone?

Any similar experiences out there?

Any treatments?

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Welcome to the forum! Yes, I have been on and off Prednisone for many years, ot as young as you. It plays around with hormones in our bodies so and if you are female it is worse. Dont know of any treatments perhaps others have had similar problems, but I just want to welcome you to the community!
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Hi Bleeker
and welcome

I'm not too sure about this one, I wouldn't have thought so, but hopefully someone will come along with answers for you!
have a mooch thro the forum and use the search button at the top for Pred
good luck


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Being diagnosed myself at the age of 13 and doing many courses of prednisone until my early 20s (I am now 30+) and yes, still having mood swings...I never really thought or tied it to being on pred in my earlier years.

I have been diagnosed with depression (as many on here are), and this is a pretty "normal" part of having chronic illness... and studies have proved this. Anyone who goes through life with any kind of chronic illness will probably deal with depression as well...

My theory? I am not sure it is just depression. I think when you are diagnosed with a chronic (especially potentially or occasionally debilitating) illness, you will go through the "grief and loss" cycle....

There are many theorists out there who debate and describe the greif and loss cycle...Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is one of the more well known psychiatrists on the theories of grieving :

Another one (who explained much better, IMO) is Elisabeth Harper Neeld: .

Both theories, either way, describe many of the "mood swings" we tend to go through when living life with a chronic illness: anger, pain, depression, fear....

I could be way off base... either way, I don't think you are alone in your "mood swings"...

Hope you find some answers, and glad you joined us.
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Hi Bleecker and

Sorry, I can't help with the pred but I"m glad you found us and I look forward to seeing you around. Welcome aboard!

Take care,
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