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Procedure update

well....after being up until midnight last night for prep, starving and thirsty she is done with procedure!!!!!!! she did very well today. i am so very proud of her.the doctor says we should have biopsy results back in a week...other than that we got his famous words...."everything looks normal"
he refuses to put her on meds until results are back. shes at least one step closer.
she was the bravest baby girl i could have asked for today. the only thing i couldve done without is her flipping out when she woke up. lol. gotta love the anesthesia.
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Well so glad it's over....now wait and see I guess eh?

Thinking of you guys and send warm and healing thoughts....
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I'm glad that she got through it okay.

Maybe I shouldn't ask this, but I am very curious.. how do you get a two year old to drink that prep? It must be less than the adults have to take, but depending on what one she was prescribed, I can imagine it would be a struggle to get her to swallow it.
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My Butt hurts: It is a very big task to get her to drink it. we have to give it to her in a medicine shringe. one gives it to her the other holds her down. what she takes is the same as what an adult takes 14 caps of miralax mixed in 40 oz of water. it is gross i admit totally. she even spit it at us last night. it was a battle right up til midnight lol

new update in thread
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To save time...Ask Dusty!
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Can she at least have something for the pain now?????
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