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Phoenix Ostomy Belt Review

Iíve been wearing the Phoenix Ostomy Belt to work for the last 3 days, so I thought I write a review.

I first ordered this a few months ago shortly after surgery, and I ordered a XS/S which goes up to 31 inch waist. At the time, I was about 31 or 32 inch, so I ordered the small, thinking the M/L medium would have too much excess material. The M/L goes up to 40 inch waist.
Boy was I wrong; the small did not even fit around my waist. Not even close. I waited too long to return it so now I have this XS/S extra. If anyone wants it on the cheap, let me know.

Before wearing this belt, I experimented with 2 ways of wearing my bag at work. At first, I tried to dress as before with a belt and my shirt tucked in. My ostomy is just above my belt line and my belt would cut off the bag and create pancaking. I was constantly adjusting and pressing down the contents. Besides ruining the filter faster, it created a bit of that phantom smell Ė where youíre really not sure if it smells.

Next I tried a method I thought I would never use. Before getting my ostomy, I watched all the videos on Dennisí web site: ( Which is a really great resource for new ostimates. Anyway, one of his videos shows a method of just wearing the bag outside the pants, under a shirt. (

I thought I would never do that, because hey, the pouch is exposed! Well, itís under a shirt, but still kind of out there. But practicality won over and I started wearing my pouch like that to work. Heck, after work too. Basically the trick is to fold back the tail into your pants waist band and neatly fold the rest of the pouch down. This works well, but there are two problems. One, you must wear your shirt un-tucked. I know, itís probably a hip look but does look a bit sloppy for work. Two, when the bag gets near emptying time, the tail always slips out of my pants from the weight. Itís a good reminder system, but leaves you pretty exposed if your shirt is not quite long enough to cover the tail.

I read good things about the Phoenix Ostomy Belt and wanted to try that. The stealth belt sounds good too, but that is for another review.
My first impression was, how do I get this thing on? Itís loaded with snaps and adjustments, and not obvious at first. And of course, you must wear your pouch sideways. That is easy to do with my Hollister New Image, but a little messy. When I take my pouch off, there is always some ďstuffĒ to wipe from the flange and pouch. Not a big deal, but needs a moist tissue handy. I recently read someone saying how the Coloplast Assura pouch can rotate on the flange without removing once it is unlocked. That would be ideal. If you wear the Phoenix Belt 24/7, it would not matter, but I like to take it off in the evening.

My next thoughts were that I like it. It wraps up the pouch into a tidy package. It does create a slightly larger bump with the layers of fabric, but I thought that was an ok tradeoff to tuck my shirts in again. I also thought that it made me feel the most ďnormalĒ (donít yell at me).

So off I went to work. My first challenge was to empty. The bag grows and grows into quite a large lump around your waist. If I let it go, it is quite noticeable and looks like I gained a spare tire. If I empty before it gets to that point itís not too bad. Emptying is trickier because the bag is sideways. I am a water rinser, so you definitely have to be more careful. But overall, itís not too bad. Also, wearing the bag sideways means more stuff around the stoma, gravity is not going to help move things down. it has not been a problem, but probably clogging my filters faster.

The belt fabric is tight over the pouch and ostomy, so it probably helps a slight bit to muffle noise.
Iím still deciding if I like the total experience. I guess I have no choice if I want to wear shirts tucked in.
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Jeff D.
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Thanks for the review. I've been thinking about those belts and one thing I've realized is that I really like how gravity works. I used to wear my wrap everyday after I took a shower but now I rarely wear it because I much rather be able to lift up my belt and have all the contents fall to the bottom then have it collect in the same spot wearing the wrap. The wrap is nice though when I want to go out on formal occasions and when I work out so that stuff isn't protruding as much or moving on me. I'm thinking about going for suspenders so that I won't have to worry about the belt thing.
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Gravity is my friend too...since my stools are fairly hard, they just stick around my stoma if I wear the stealth belt (anyone want one? I'm looking to get rid of mine and I've only worn it twice). I like the first pouch cover I got ( It's simple and keeps things in place and hangs down my leg, not sideways. The wrap is ok too, but it rolls up on me (I guess I have a fat

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Update - About an hour after writing my review, I felt a weird squirting sensation a few times and then discovered I had my first official leak / blowout. It was coming from under the flange so I finally know the feeling. It could be coincidence, but I think it's a combination of pressure from the belt, and sideways mounting.
So, like Jeff said, I think I'll just use this belt for special occasions. Back to untucked shirts I suppose.
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Jeff D.
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Sorry you had your first blow out. It really stinks, in more ways than one.haha Tonight I had a church event and I was going to wear my wrap but forgot it and I'm glad as twice I filled up quickly and all of a sudden without the ability to go to a bathroom, one was on the 1.5 hour drive and the other was on the way back, and I think if I wore the wrap I would have had a blowout as I filled up pretty well. I also learned not to eat the oreo poptarts because they make my stool turn black and I mean oreo black.haha
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Hey Joe - Sorry about your leak - I hope you cleaned it quickly as I let mine linger for few hours and it irritated my skin for a week, and that is no fun.
Thank you so much for the review and update - very helpful to have one of us try and share this information about products/situations.

Here is what I do - At Home I dont worry about any belts, wraps etc. As I started this past week to attend to my business, and as Joe, I wear on some occasions suits and tie and I need to tuck in my shirts. To allow me to wear my shirts tucked in, I got underware from
The bag fits great into the pocket of the underware, the bag fills up with no problem, it does not flop around. The underware is somewhat taller than what I would normaly wear but it does the trick and covers the entire bag.

I also started to use the plastic inserts, and I LOVE it. It is so easy to change. I carry another 'loaded' pouch and it takes few SECONDS to exchange.

I still have to deal with my Foley bag, and let me tell you, its not fun. I hope to remove it in 10 days.
-Best wishes - Dan

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