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headaches from prednisone?

My other major health problem is migraines. I'm on Prednisone for ulcerative colitis, and I've had a migraine every day for the last 8 days, plus 4 of the 8 days prior to that. Part of that is I had my period this week, but migraines this frequently is unusual even for me. I have to take opiates to control the pain, then Miralax to prevent constipation from the opiates.

I googled headaches and Prednisone and it does seem to be a side effect. With me, all headaches turn into migraines. Has anyone else experienced headaches with Prednisone?
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I notice I have more headaches when I am on prednisone, but not migraines. The headaches I get while on prednisone are more of a pressure in my temples and a slight ache. It is usually not painful enough for me to take anything, just annoying.

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As a migraineur, all my headaches turn into migraines, unfortunately.
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Yes to headaches. This is Day #4 on prednisone for me, and Day #4 with at least a few hours with a headache each day. I do not get migraines, though. That must be just agony for you.
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I did get headaches at first, but then it stopped.
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Yeah, I get real bad headaches on some days.
They're only ever in the morning when I wake up though.
Normally, what I do is take some co-codamol and try and go back to sleep for a little bit.
Always seems to work, if I can get to sleep.
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I'm very relieved that it is the Prednisone. For a while, I didn't know what was going on. All of a sudden my migraines had gone from bad to completely out of control. I was getting ready to call my neurologist. At least now I know what's going on. I can't wait to get off this Prednisone.
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i was getting mild headaches after a week on predisone and now GI stoped me cold turkey from it today and it triggered a migrane now another dr tellng me to taper off by 10 mg every 2 days

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