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New to the stoma sub-forum!

Hello! I recently joined here and just discovered the stoma sub-forum!

(My intro and story is in the Your Story forum in case you're interested!)

I just wanted to say how friendly (and helpful) everyone here seems to be!

I also wanted to say that I'm so glad that I am getting back into the swing of things. I found a new bag that I'm getting used to and it's solving a lot of my current problems (or at least helping!) I am changing the bag tonight (first time since Thursday night), and so I'll be able to check out the skin around my stoma, where I have suspected PG - I hope it's getting better!
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Welcome to the forum! I replied to your post in the Your Story forum. Glad you found us here

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Hi Thaiainthesky. You got your ileostomy a month before I did this year. Iíve had a lot of problems with mine, but it definitely saved my life and my health has improved 100 percent so no complaining here (or at least very little). Iíll have to read your story when Iím not at work. I hope you are coping well and have a good support system behind you. This forum is a great place to get info and support too. Welcome!

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