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Any link between Precocious puberty and UC/Crohns??

Am wondering if anyone else had early puberty and now has UC or crohns??

I only know one other person who had similar treatment to myself and she has stomach problems also

Mine was diagnosed at 2 years old, had Zoladex treatment until I reached normal puberty age. It wasnt well heard of then but I know now its more common.

When I tried to find out about long term side effects of Zoladex it was a bit tricky - I know it was not meant for use in children and they were not sure what the effects could be.

Bit of a stab in the dark, but recon there might be some link...

Anyone else??


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I definitely had early my first period at age 10 which was very unusual back then. Dx UC in 1979 during pregnancy, dx crohn's 2 years ago
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I had early puberty, also. Big breasts and got my period in 5th grade (think I was 11). That was pretty early for the early 1980's. The boys called me Mayfields (a milk company in the area). Ah, memories of childhood....

Never thought about there being a link there. I hope there is not. More and more girls are going through it, from what I read.
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Its the Zoladex I suspect... know they now dont use it to treat PP at least in the UK.. was not licenced for use in children..the long term effects not known

I tried to get some information.. but funnily enough their Manufacturer was very cagey

Be intresting to see if anymore similar guys have IBD also
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I was diagnosed at 9 and put on Prednisone for a couple years. If anything my growth was stunted. I'm the shortest in my family, probably ever. My period came at a normal time though ~12.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » Any link between Precocious puberty and UC/Crohns??
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