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Camomile tea

Hey guys. Try drinking more Camomile tea. I find it very soothing to my intestines. I usually drink one in the morning with breakfast, and another at night before sleep.

Camomile has been approved clinically in Germany to help with inflamed intestines

P.S: Try to get the organic tea; it's much better
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I was also told that peppermint tea is soothing aswell. Others really say that any tea feels good for them, and helps deal with cramps.
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I'm an herbal tea drinker. Chamomile is one of my favs. It also works great with nausea. My 2 yr old was throwing up majorly a few wks ago and I gave him some and it stopped as soon as he drank it. A few days later the same thing happened to me and I drank it and had the same results. It's yummy and relaxing too.
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Jeff D.
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I used it last year and it was amazing at how well I felt after. The problem was that I got tired of making it and got bored of the flavor. But for those that can drink it all the time best to you. It works miracles.
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Also try Fennel tea. It's good when you have gas

Pepperment take doesn't suit me, because it causes heartburn. Thos who have acidity in their stomachs should take care from pepperment tea
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For nausea you want ginger tea... I recommend the Dr. Stuarts brand of teas as they actually taste good rather than some of the herbal teas I have tried...
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my mom and aunts drink chamomile tea every time i see them, so i eventually catched on and drank it. i think it tastes horrible.. but it does help a LOT!
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I use camomile all the time and it helps me as well its awsome the other one that helps heaps is green tea
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I love the taste of chamomile but haven't had it for a while. I think I'm gonna pick some up tomorrow. I"ve had a fever for a couple of weeks & every time it goes up I also get nauseous. Thanks for the tips!
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chamomile tea - I try and get my husband to have this along with his orange peco tea and that helps his stomach when he is not feel well & he also does a lot of jucing of vegetables { carrots & apples } and so that seems to help him out a lot !!
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Cara Fusinato
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Been drinking it this week . . . I for my tummy and my husband for the warmth to help with pneumonia. I WAS going into a flare earlier this week due to stress of a new job and husband at the ER, but my mangosteen and some tea and a moment or two to decompress have kicked the flare. I'm thinking this tea is a good thing to go along with everything else.
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Camomile tea is good for any kind of inflammation, after a hospital admission with 7 says of IV hydro cortisone I was very puffy and in a bit of pain from all of the fluid retention, I found that soaking my feet in the tea helped sooth them as they got the most puffy by the end of the day, I guess the fluid made it's way there when I was walking around
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Thanx for the reminder Mazen i should have some camomile tea today iused to always just drink that and it helped to sooth my tummy but lately due to Valentinas input ive been a bit addicted to earl grey with honey
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Nancy Lee
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Camomile works great to soothe the tummy.
Also I would be lost without my Chai tea...it works wonders!
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