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Whats after Asacol?

I want to know if anyone knows the general treatment if Asacol is proving unsuccessful. Whats next? I am currently taking 12 a day (4 at a time 3 times a day). I havent began to experience even the slighest sign that it is helping at some point.
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That really depends upon your symptoms and what your GI doctor feels would be best for you next. How bad is your current flare-up? There are other Mesalamine drugs like Asacol (such as Lialda), but I doubt they would help if the Asacol is not.

The right dose of Prednisone (steroid) usually helps relieve moderate to sometimes severe symptoms for most people and is not a bad option for the short term if you're suffering...but you don't want to be on it long-term at all due to the notoriously bad side effects it could cause.

Otherwise, one of the TNF-blockers (Remicade or Humira) are generally a good choice to work more long-term for someone with moderate to severe symptoms provided your body responds to it. And in conjuction with an immune supressor like Azathioprine (Imuran), that could really work well long-term.

Everyone's body is different though and what works for someone else might not work for you (or vice versa). Unfortunately, sometimes this disease is all about trial and error to figure out what works best for us...

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HI J, from only my standing point the usual is Entocort which is milder than Prednsione (which I am on presently) but Entocort is very expensive but if you have coverage go that route. If that isnt helping and you are mod to severe then the pred/humira as Mike suggests. Humira is milder or a human tnf the other is a mouse protein. As mike points out as well Imuran can help too. Just from my experiences the milder the better because once you are on the big guns the little guns stop working. let us know what your Gi says ok?
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When I was taking Asacol I was also on 6mp (Purinethol/Mercaptopurine). You're taking double the dose of Asacol compared to what I took. Hope things have been getting better!
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I took asacol for the first two years and it didnt help a bit. My new doctor freaked when she found out i was on it for the areas i had the disease. I was immediately put on imuran/azathioprine(sp?) which worked well for a while and now not so much. Onto remicade as soon as paperwork goes through. Treatments vary wildly from patient to patient and doctor to doctor though unfortunately.

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