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Whats everyones views on fibre?

I dont eat it (well extra-like weetabix, brown bread etc)

always makes me very windy and gives me d

but my mums always telling me we should all eat some fibre, as she isnt a crohnie I ignore her lol

so do you eat fibre or try and stay clear?
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My Dad thinks this too, he's been on a rampage lately trying to get me to eat all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Don't get me wrong, we all should eat what we can, but for the most part, I've found a lot of people on here don't really do well with really tough, fibrous vegetables. I can't tolerate lettuce myself.
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There's a difference between soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is what tends to aggravate us Crohnies. James Scala, PhD has a book called "Eating Right for a Bad Gut" that helps explain this fiber matrix and how to break it down in a way where you might be able to tolerate some foods you otherwise couldn't.

Breaking down the fiber matrix has the drawback of sometimes voiding the foods of their vitamins as well, which is why it is important for Crohnies to add supplements into their diet. That way you are sure you're're getting a balanced amount of essential vitamins you wouldn't otherwise wouldn't get from your diet.

Check out that book, I found it explained things a lot better for me and I've been able to add in some veggies I had been avoiding for a while. Of course, everyone is different, so there may still be some foods you cannot tolerate whether it's cooked properly or not, but you may find there are some foods you can have as long as you cook them a certain way. Good luck!
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I always found that soluble fiber was good and and insoluble was bad. insoluble just provided bulk but could irritate the digestive tract, whereas soluble provided bulk by absorbing liquid.
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I dont' touch anything high in fibre it really doesn't agree with me, just makes my D a million times worse.
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I've gone back and forth on roughage. Now, I'm off anything raw, that irritates and blocks the area at resection which is all scar tissue anyway. Low residue diet means no lettuce, seeds, whole grain. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.. But, on the other hand, avocadoes are just fine, and plentiful here in california. The key is to stay out of the ER at 4 am....

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