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Slow Eaters?


Was reminded in another post this morning of slow eating, which is a technique I use for a variety of purposes.

Are there any other slow eaters out there? (Alternatively, has anyone tried and found it didn't make a difference for them?)

I try to chew for a long time, savour each bite, pay attention to the food (flavour, texture, etc. -- i.e., put down the mystery novel for a few minutes if I can!) and make a meal last quite a long time. I eat less, because after about 15 mins the first of the meal is already signalling to the brain that it's been taken in. I find I digest the food better, too, because it's well chewed instead of going down whole (mind, it hasn't helped me be able to eat veggies yet). It can help with reflux, too, something I struggled with when the Crohn's symptoms were in their early days. When I'm really on a roll and concentrating on slow eating, it also helps me avoid overindulgence -- instead of 2 pieces of cake eaten quickly, I have 1 (or even 1/2) piece and make every individual bite count. Put simply, I appreciate the meal more if I take it slow, pay attention, and "eat in the moment."
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Yeah I eat slowly
I think if you gobble it all down in one go, you're asking for trouble!
Air and it getting stuck!
best to take at least 15 minutes to eat and chew properly, and drink water too!


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Yes, I found if I really chew my food the 20+ times your supposed to it seems to help.
Of course smaller meals seem to help also.
Although there are plenty of times it is really, really hard to only eat a little bit.
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Lol, agreed! Last night I had supper (ham)...and then apparently it was time for second supper (gyoza). I blame prednisone, although technically I am not really experiencing any increased hunger, it's just an easy scapegoat!
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I only eat when Im hungry and finish when im not. Little and often is normally best as it gives the body small amounts of energy throughout the day rather than the usual 3 meals that can leave you tired and bloated
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I too eat slower, (if I remind myself) and I rarely drink with food, can cause gas. My meals are smaller and bland at the moment because of a flare, but I have a Hiatus hernia and I have to eat smaller portions or I pay, simple as that.

I drink room temperature water and never out of a straw. Not sure if it helps others but it works for me. You do what you have to do!
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I just can't eat slowly for long. I eat more like a duck.
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I try and make myself eat slowly but it is a real effort for me. I am definitely not a fast eater (I am still the last one at the table done), but I always forget the savouring part. I do think it would help though.

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I am really bad at this. I come from a family of very fast eaters. I really need to slow down and CHEW!
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Me too Amy I also come from a family of fast eaters and can never eat slow. Its meant to really help though. I tend to inhale my food, really not good ha x
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