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Detox! :sign0085:

So as of tomorrow i am finally starting a detox to shed some weight and hopefully feel healthier!

im a little concerned on what i can and cant eat with having crohns??
ive googled it but it wasnt much help!
im thinking fruits, vegetables, lots of water, green tea and nothing artificial or fatty?

im really excited to start it as im hoping it will help a little with the bloating aswell!

if anyone has tried any and could give me some ideas on what to avoid and whats good??
wish me luck!
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i can not answer your question but I wanted to wish you luck
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Hi Pinkcandy,
If you haven't checked out this web site, I recommend it, it will give you a detailed list of foods that are known to trigger IBD as well as the ones that are safe. I use it to remind me, even though I have been following the diet for years, (well except when I have an uncontrolable cravings). Then I just suck it up. I did a cleans here just a bit ago and didn't have any trouble with the foods on this web site.
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what a great help!
hope your both well : )!
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wow i can't eat just about any fruits or veggies. mostly just melons. If it is good for me i have to spit it out my tummy just cant handle it. Good luck!
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