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I've been considering yoga for many reasons and wondered have any of you had good effects with your IBD through yoga. I also have no idea where to start, any help would be appreciated.
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You can find a pretty good yoga discussion here.
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Yep - Yoga is great. There is a lot of info in the link David provided. I would start with Hatha Yoga as it is a little less strenuous and includes meditation and relaxation which is very helpful!!

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Reducing stress is helpful, therefore yoga is also helpful. Don't push yourself too much as its more important for you to feel comfortable and always start with beginning classes. I'll hopefully be getting back into yoga. I personally like stretching and minimal strength training and mostly prefer the relaxation/meditation side of it.
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Find an experienced Yoga instructor that you feel comfortable with. My Yoga instructor told me less is better in the beginning. She maintains that yoga should never hurt. Restorative Yoga would be a very low key type of yoga for someone with lots of pain or health issues. I went right into Hatha Yoga, but was encouraged not to push it to hard. I am still loving it and I really think it helps with stress.
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I practice Hatha yoga and love it. Never ever go past your limit don't push your self. The benefits are endless and you will love it. Start at a beginners class. If you want a home video Rodney Yee is a terrific instructor with many beginners videos. I suggest getting one as classes can be expensive so you could do one real class a week and then do one on your own at home.
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I don't do yoga, but I go to a pilates class every week, which is similar to yoga. I love it, makes me feel really relaxed and energised at the same time.
I can't do all the exercises, but anything is better than nothing! Plus I'm the youngest in the class by about 40years so there's no pressure to be amazing.
Just take things at your own pace, I've been doing it about 3 months now and can manage more and more each week.

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I have been teaching Yoga for nearly four years. I adore it. I really think it helps. It is unlikely it would bring you into remission, but it certainly helps. Some days before I teach I have some minor Crohns issues. Typically, by the end of the class, I feel ten times better. There are several Yoga asanas (or positions) that are supposed to specifically help your digestion. There are even some Yoga mudras (hand positions) that help aid digestion. They seem to help me. You can probably google Yoga for digestive health and read lots and lots about it online.

I was going to post a site that has some hand positions for mudras, but cannot because I have not posted 15 times yet.

Google these mudras, if you are interested: Shankha mudra; Linga mudra; Apan Mudra
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Yep yoga is great for relaxing and reducing stress level... I have only been doing it for just over a year but have found it helps out heaps.. I do one that has meditation & stretching exercises.. its not too full on and totally suits me as I don't want to go overboard or be really flexible etc. I have found it has helped heaps with my back issues and find if I miss a class then my back def lets me know about it. Also has helped heaps with my tension headaches etc. Some times Im not feeling great before the class but by the end of it am feeling on top of the world, it just has this way of making you feel so much better and you don't have to push yourself either but you still are getting plenty of benefits.
I would def recommend trying Yoga, there are so many different styles out there so just have to figure out which one suits you... Good luck and have fun!!
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Ive done a few yoga dvds with my mum (shes been to the classes) .. she also does calenetics (sp?) remember that lol

useful pointers ive found are:-
dont force your body into a position, it will only tear muscles etc and take absolute ages to repair
deep breaths help you relax and get you to stretch that bit more
Relax into that position. Clear your mind.. even of what you are trying to achieve and let your body do it naturally
Practice regulary, its great if you can go with someone as well and do it at home

As i do kickboxing (but use all those points above) I take whey protein to help rebuild "torn muscles" (thats not in a bad way.. more like getting them to stretch more). Ive heard that cold showers help as well, but as ive not looked into that sort of stuff to much im sure someone else could point you in the right direction

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