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ct scan

has anyone had an abdominal ct scan without the contrast or barium? if so were they able to catch the ibd
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I had two ct scans but with the contrast and they found what they needed to get the go ahead for surgery.
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Well ya learn something everyday, never heard of a ct scan without the contrast? Is it because you are allergic?
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Roo had a CT scan with contrast and it didn't pick up her Crohns in the ileum.

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I'm the same as Roo - I had a CT with contrast (I had to drink barium and also have dye injected into an IV) but it did not find anything except that I have a lesion on my liver, which is most likely benign. It didn't find any evidence of IBD or any other disease, though.
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I had a ct scan with contrast and showed mild thickning of the iluem wall
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