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Capsule endoscopy pictures!

I mentioned this in my story, but maybe this is a better place to put this question out to the masses.

I'm kind of a weird case. No pain, just chronic constipation and bad hangovers, never diarrhea and I can "feel" the food as it moves through my intestines, especially when I lay on my side. No signs of crohns in any tests until the capsule endoscopy (including the CT enteroscopy which found no inflammation, and all serology inflammation tests were completely normal, Iga, etc).

One of my docs said he hasn't seen anyone with crohns with exactly my symptoms, and wonders whether its actually crohns at all or something else causing the lesions. I spoke to my "other" GI, the one who I've been using to get a second opinion on all of this, and he said it doesn't look like Crohns and he thinks that its probably something else. The lesions are all in one part of my intestine and do not affect the ileum, large intestine, or duodenum.

The only thing that worries me is that it took 7 hours for the pillcam to get to my large intestine (and I was told it should take about half the time) and eating vegetables makes things much worse. Maybe this is all a result of slow peristalsis and the lesion is from alcohol/stool sitting in my small intestine for so long?

See pics below!

Just copy and paste in the URL.

I understand what the docs are saying. Its not the "divot" thats normally seen and persists in early crohns like here, they're not bleeding, and each lesion is solitary; not clustered.

Still waiting on results for occult blood, and parasites (which one doc thinks it has a good chance of being.) But Ive never heard anyone who had constipation for a year due to parasites.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Neato pictures. I have nothing to say about them, but that's pretty cool that you got them. I didn't get any souvenirs with my capsule (maybe if something had shown up), just with my c-scope and EGD.

Sorry you are still undxed. I hope they can figure out what's going on, although this trying to get a dx for something wrong with your guts is for the birds.
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Here's something that worries me:

Parentheticals added by me.

In an occasional case, the ulcer presents a stellate (star like, bingo) appearance with a deep excavation(only on one, see img010bo.jpg) bordered by sharply overhanging hypertrophic mucosal shelves (seems like img007v.jpg) which are intensely hyperaemic (not sure). The ulcer in such cases tends to be disposed along the longitudinal axis (the ulcers are too localized to tell, I think) and the neighbouring mucosal folds tend to converge upon the ulcer (hell yes).

Yeah, I'd say that's almost exactly what it looks like. This is describing intestinal tuberculosis. Page 261. I dont think I've seen crohns described like this.

Uh oh. A lot of the literature is scaring me here because it relates to HIV, but I've already been tested 6 months into this.

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