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wow i dont even know....

Okay so second hospital visit within a week and they admitted me. Drank some yummy barium for a ct..yay..not. Did lots of blood work blah blah blah. So. They gave me cipro flagell (sp?) And fluids. Then the GI comes in to tell me that its not crohns and I've been taking 26 pills for nothing.... So now I get to get off prednisone (woo) and find out what is wrong? This is beyond frustrating! Just want some answers and some relief
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I am so sorry. I hope they can give you some answers soon.
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Now that is strange. Cipro and Flagyl (which I am on) are antibactieral and antiobiotics. The Prednisone is the master of masking symptoms. All symptoms in higher doses for most of us almost seem like they have disappeared but as soon as you lower the doses, it slowly comes back. Most docs wait til you are off the prednsione to get scopes because it can hide inflammation. Ct scans are not the most reliable tests. Colonscopies usually do.

When you went to the hospital what were your symptoms and why you went in?
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Are you still in the hospital? Hope you get some answers while you are there!!
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good luck with everything
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I hope you are feeling better and get some answers soon. If not Crohns, do they have any ideas what it might be??

Good luck! Keep us posted! - Amy
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Have you had a capsule endoscopy? My barium scan, CT enterography and blood tests (including ANA panel) were all negative till they found lesions in my jejunum.
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What a shock that must have been!!!! How are things going today?
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