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Can you handle citrus and gassy vegetables?

Is Citrus fruit suitable for us with IBD? I read in lots of places that we should avoid citrus. From my side if I drink orange juice, or eat some tangerines, I don't feel very good in my stomach. I think it's all the acid.... The only thing I can handle is some lemon squeezed on food.

Also what about gassy vegetables like broccoli or cabbage. Every time I try to eat them (even if they are thoroughly cooked), I get so much cramping and pain that I want to cry....

I know all of these things are supposed to be eaten because they are good for our health, but I don't know if they are suitable for people with IBD.
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i can handle lemons and limes (they actually make me feel good) but i can't handle orange juice at all. i also drink grape juice and fine with it. dunno why orange juice is different though. i guess too much of anything is bad

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The only fruit I can handle are bananas, apples (no skin) & plums (very little skin)...all the rest are too fiberous or acidic.

Forget gassy veggies like cabbage, brussel sprouts or asperagus, I suffer for days after eating them. Also, no peas or corn due to the outer part is not digestible.

It is very hard for us to eat "healthy". I take a muti-vitamin.

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I eat whatever veg I fancy but tend to avoid fruit and fruit juices as they disagree with me. I also avoid high fibre foods and fatty or spicy foods. Too much milk also disagrees with me. Luckily I am not vitamin deficient, so I'm doing something right lol

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I'm allergic to citrus, so don't have the opportunity to test that one. But I don't eat any fruits anymore, or veggies unless they are cooked very soft, and no skins or seeds, of course. I really miss apples, but can't even drink the juice because it causes painful bloating and heartburn. I can eat bananas, but don't really like them (the smell is a total turn-off for me), so I don't have one very often. And papayas! They made me eat papayas every day in the hospital & I got sick of them. I should try them again as they are supposed to be very good for problem digestive tracts. And I can pluck them free all over the neighborhood, too!
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mmmmmmmmmm... papaya! I've been dreaming about it for weeks (in Dec I'm going to Hawaii and can't wait for fresh papaya).

My GI told me no OJ-- too acidic for us. But of course I still drink OJ sometimes. After finishing my last carton of it (two weeks ago) I vowed not to buy any more-- and I can feel the difference. Same thing with the whole fruit. I can do bananas but all my other favorite fruits are very BAD with me (strawberries, blueberries, cherries).

Veggies-- broccoli!!! It feels like someone is taking a rake through my intestines. Ouch. I can do salad on a good day, but on bad days... no way. Bell peppers are pretty much always out because of the skins. Same thing with tomatos (my fav, so sad!).
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I do a little salad every now & then, but the price I pay for that indulgence is quite steep. And the few that I do eat are mostly just lettuce and shredded carrot, as those are a little easier for me than most raw veggies.

Blueberries! I eat blueberry muffins or pancakes every now and then, but, again, the after-effects usually keep me away.

Anyone wandering in and seeing this would think we are food-obsessed. Oh wait ... we are!
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Jeff D.
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I never have any problems with acidic foods. But I was allergic to oranges when I was a kid, maybe that had something to do with the Crohn's.
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Have not had either (besides and avacado) in 9 years. I do drink OJ and other fruit juices and I'm usually ok. I was obstructed on broccoli once and heard all greens are bad for crohns, i became tramatized and cut it all out.
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No OJ or grapefruit juice, or gassy vegetables, or raw fruit and veggies, except bananas in 10 years.
I can eat a few fresh green beans though, well cooked.
And well cooked fresh carrots go down well.
Sometimes I sneak in a strawberry.
I only drink apple juice which they started me on in the hospital.
Then I sneak another strawberry.
Also the only cereal is Special K that I can handle..
guess it's because it's a rice cereal.
..then maybe another strawberry....
No salad...the lettuce gets to me..but to get the flavour
I will peel and take the seeds out of a couple slices of tomatoe,
chop it, and add a bit of Italian dressing..just to satisfy my craving for salad.
...oh those strawberries!
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Cara Fusinato
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OJ juice seems to have become an issue for me . . . of course, when I crave it, I drink like a whole bottle at a time . . . and then, not so good a bodily response. Sad. I love the stuff!

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